13 Great Activities For Team Building In London This Summer

Interpersonal skills are essential in every organisation, no matter your job title or industry. That’s why we’re giving you some great ideas (whatever the weather!) for top team building activities in London this summer.

The importance and main purpose of team building events is to create a strong team through forming bonds and connections.

Indoor Team Building >>


Like Karaoke, but without the cheesy backing track, guests can choose songs to sing along with a live band. Easy-going and liberating, liven up your event in the capital with this interactive ‘live band’ experience.

Ideal for: post-dinner entertainment

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

With MI6 and MI5 sitting across the Thames, this is a great London-centric activity that will keep everyone on their toes..

A body has been discovered and your colleague stands wrongly accused. As detectives, your team must kit up in body suits, masks, and gloves to investigate the grizzly details; piecing together evidence using modern forensic technology to identify how the person was murdered, the motive, and the real killer.

Ideal for: fostering communication and developing trust

Diamond Heist

The legendary Maltese Diamond happens to be on tour at your glitzy London venue, allowing members of the public the opportunity to see this marvel of nature… and giving your team the rare opportunity to steal it! You and your team have the task of cracking the code to open the box and retrieve the diamond. 

This purely table-top escape room experience is one to get those brains churning and communication going, with fun puzzles, clever clues, and fascinating gadgets.  

Ideal for: socialising and problem-solving

Highly Recommended: ‘A unique and fun experience for everyone to enjoy. We fostered communication, creative thinking and problem-solving’

Scaling the Heights

Uniquely designed by Eventurous as a powerful indoor team building tool, Scaling the Heights is a race against the clock to solve a series of conundrums and puzzles. This indoor strategic team building activity is great for adding to events as it suits all group sizes and venues.

Inclusive for all and with high levels of participation, this activity will have all team members completely immersed in winning the challenge; without even realising they are enhancing essential organisational, negotiating and problem-solving skills. The key for this team challenge is strategy – working together to achieve points by solving brain teasers that unlock information on a designated electronic system. The team will have to work together, communicate and build an effective strategy to solve problems and scale the heights!

Ideal for: teamwork, time management and problem-solving

Soapbox Derby

Working from a set of construction plans and flat-pack style kits that are provided, teams will construct a sleek, human-powered car and embellish their design with company messages and brand advertising to match the event theme.

With exciting background racing music, commentary and the laughter and determination of each participant, this quick-paced team building activity will ignite ambition and break down barriers to strengthen team bonds.

Ideal for: tailored to fit in office spaces (Yes, even the Square Mile!) and indoor venues, the soapbox team challenge is an ideal motivator for conferences and team development days.

Minute to Win it

This high energy and fast paced event can be an afternoon team challenge or evening game show. Guests are split into teams and take turn to be a contestant and win points for their team. A series of simple challenges using provided props need to be completed in 60 seconds. Be warned, the tasks may look easy, but looks can be deceptive!

From start to finish our host will keep the pace steady and the competition fierce with a selection of head-to-head rounds using some simple props for table-based challenges to be completed in 1 minute!

Our most popular game show in London really engages with the audience and participants for a fun and vocal atmosphere!

Ideal for: an exciting addition to your corporate evening event

group of people in front of there soapboxs on our soapbox derby

Outdoor Team Building >>

City Explorer

Grab your map, put on your backpack, and channel your inner-city explorer with our latest interactive, points-based team building activity. Armed only with a mobile device, you must navigate across London and complete a series of fun and engaging challenges.

Ideal for: exploring the historical sights and landmarks of your chosen city, enhance team collaboration and have some outdoor fun!

Picture That

Using imagination, props, a tablet and camera, teams will create fun scenes that follow a pre-determined story. With guidance from our instructors and use of specialist software, groups will then transform the images into a realistic comic strip… possibly with a few sprinklings of KAPOW or SHAZAM!

Each team will work on their own sections of the company comic, however it’s not until the final team pages are complete and put together, that the real storyline is revealed with humorous results.

Ideal for: creativity and communication

Pub Explorer

Experience our unique and interactive team building treasure hunt, packed full of excitement and pub stops along the way. Armed with our latest GPS mobile device, employees must work together to locate city-based hotspots, answer interesting questions, find clues, and earn points to secure a top place on the leader board. Our London Pub Explorer is a great opportunity to navigate around your chosen location for some well-earned drinks.

Your corporate team building adventure will commence with an initial briefing at a venue of your choice. Once briefed, teams will be let loose onto the streets of the capital where they’ll battle it out to locate hotspots, complete challenges and earn as many points as possible.

Ideal for: large and small groups (20 – 2000+)

Highly Recommended: ‘One of the most unique team building activities we’ve ever experienced. Bonus points for including some of our favourite pubs along the way’

Secret Agent

Using our latest technology from ‘Q’ branch, our interactive experience will have your teams trawling across the urban jungles of London to crack codes, decipher puzzles and tackle cryptic clues. As the latest recruits for MI6, you must work together and follow a trail of intelligence to locate as many ‘hotspots’ as possible before time runs out.

Ideal for: creative thinking and problem-solving

Virtual Team Building >>

Company Fortunes

With a larger-than-life game show host, the infamous survey board, and a wide variety of questions to get the team thinking, you can be sure of a memorable experience with our online Company Fortunes. Based on the classic “Family Fortunes” TV game show, our unique virtual spin will have your colleagues pitted against each other to answer a variety of questions.

Will your team be successful in aligning with the minds of the general public and secure their top place on the leader board?   

Ideal for: promoting teamwork and communication

Highly Recommended: ‘A great activity that got the whole team involved. The hosts are fantastic at building anticipation as well as a great high-energy and competitive atmosphere. The whole team loved it!’

Gameshow Mania

Immerse yourselves in an eclectic variety of some of the best-known TV game shows ever to grace our screens in our fun-filled interactive virtual quiz – Gameshow Mania!

Gameshow Mania will have everyone laughing and joining in as they take on a series of head-to-head challenges inspired by UK TV favourites.

Hosted by our live compere via video conferencing software, remote participants will put their problem-solving minds to the test with trivia, picture, and pot-luck rounds to battle through. Place your bets on ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ and hold your breath as the next card is turned over in ‘Play your Cards Right’ or guess what popular phrase is being depicted with Mr Chips’ help in Catchphrase.

Ideal for: creative thinking

Murder Mystery

There’s been a murder! Divide your delegates into teams of sleuths and solve puzzles, riddles and more. An interactive and collaborative team building approach that’s bound to make you laugh the whole time. Giving a shared goal builds strong relationships through collaboration and competition.

Ideal for: problem-solving and communication

Race Night

Place your bets! Hosting a race night is an excellent way to reconnect and energise delegates. Guaranteed to get your heart racing, virtual race nights bring colleagues together, without the stress of planning a trip to your local racetrack. Discover the Eventurous virtual races.

Ideal for: post-dinner, evening entertainment