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dedicated to delivering the very best experiences that engage, inspire and ignite.


As specialists in event management services and corporate team building activities for over 30 years, we are proud to share our expertise with you. From the planning stages to event delivery and beyond, our commitment is to ignite your imagination and bring ideas to life with an unforgettable event. Our dedicated team take care of every aspect, from finding the perfect venue to activities, theming and spectacular performances that delight and inspire guests.


Eventurous started in 1989, since then we’ve seen the birth of the internet, a fallen Berlin wall, some tricky recessions, a few royal weddings and thousands of smiling and satisfied clients. Through every event our business continues to grow. The secret to our success is our talented team. People are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that to provide extraordinary and memorable experiences, our team must feel comfortable, confident and empowered to make it happen…this is what it means to BeEventurous


Live Events

We create live experiences, from conferences to festivals, and everything in between.

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We bring people together, building teams through collaboration.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

We bring audiences together no matter when, or where they are.

Event Entertainment

We provide special moments that surprise and delight audiences.


Brining ideas to life with 30 years experience at the perfect venue

We Engage

We Engage people in unforgettable live experiences that expertly deliver your message at every touchpoint. From the very first moment you speak to us, you’ll know you’re in the right hands.

We love what we do and we go out of our way to make your entire experience, from booking to event planning and delivery, simple, hassle-free and within budget!

Our staff are well known for going above and beyond; we’re talking specialist training, crazy early morning starts and late nights, fastidious research and some fierce dancing in giant teddy bear costumes.

Whatever you need, our engaging people are there for you. After all, it’s not just our skill and experience in event management that keeps our clients returning year after year; it’s our humour and our friendly service that genuinely sets us apart. That's why we are consistently rated 5* on reviews IO.

We Inspire

We Inspire creativity and collaboration, building partnerships and inspiring new ways of working together.

Eventurous is based at the impressive site of Mythe Farm in the Midlands.

Surrounded by 150 acres of farmland, fields, rivers and the exclusive Mythe Barn venue, we are already situated in the ideal location to hold outdoor events or indoor team activities; although that doesn’t stop us from delivering events at amazing venues across the UK and abroad.

On-site we utilise our 380m2 warehouse for our ample collection of events materials, props and kit so we can have immediate access to the best equipment for your event.

We Ignite

We Ignite passion and purpose to communicate and deliver your objectives.

Our promise to you is to create your best event yet.

Because we believe in the power of people – our people and yours – our aim is to make every guest feel valued, inspired and invested in the success of your company or cause.

Our determination is to take your vision and bring it to life with an event that exceeds your expectations.


We Trust

We take accountability and we operate honestly!

We Collaborate

We collaborate with you to collaborate teams!

We Deliver

We deliver excellence and we do it with integrity!

We Care

We care about people and the environment!


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