Indoor Soap Box Derby

At your marks, get set… GO! Test your teams creativity and need for speed in this exhilarating team challenge that is the flawless combination of imaginative and fun. 

Time: 2 Hrs

People: 20 - 400

Mental: 5/5

Physical: 2/5

Indoor or Outdoors

On Your Marks...

Recruit your elite pit team for this indoor Soap Box Derby challenge. Teams must use their imagination to create their own customised human powered car in the limited time given. Look fierce for your debut at the racetrack and get ready to embark on the ultimate battle to claim pole position! 

Recruit Your Elite Pit Crew

Teams must rely on each person’s strengths and weaknesses as points are awarded for creativity, team spirit, communication and light activity.

Teams will construct a human-powered car and embellish their design following the chosen event theme.

This quick-paced and lively team building activity will ignite ambition and break down barriers to strengthen team bonds.

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What Makes A Great Indoor Team Building Event?

Key Activity Features

Full service event agency, managing your team away day. 

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Eventurous are a leading team building company in the UK:

Key Benefits & Takeaways

Enjoy the benefits of our Soap Box Derby event for your employees:

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless your place of work has large open indoor space this activity is more suitably done at an external venue. We can provide you with many venue options that fit your requirements and We offer a free venue-finding service to save you the hassle.  

Prizes and awards are presented to the team that wins the most points for creativity, teamwork and of course speed during the last race, keeping teams on their toes at all times as there is no clear winner throughout.  

Being a sustainably accredited event agency at Eventurous, we work hard to ensure our events are as green as they can be. Materials contain no single use plastic and consist of only recyclable materials such as cardboard. Waste generated from the event is disposed of using our zero to landfill waste providers where possible. 

Prizes are presented to the team that shows the most creativity, presentation skills and fastest time crossing the finish line.

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