Coventry Treasure Hunts

Encourage collaboration and unleash your creative side with our Coventry team building treasure hunts

Time: 1 - 3hrs

People: 20 - 1000+

Mental: 3/5

Physical: 3/5

Location: Outdoor

A Team Adventure

Get involved and unleash your creativity with our Coventry Treasure Hunts; a fantastic outdoor activity if you are looking to encourage collaboration, leadership and get your team thinking outside the box.

Jump into our quirky photo and video challenges as you navigate your way around a city filled with thriving history and culture right at your fingertips.

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Corporate Treasure Hunts in Coventry

Interactive Treasure Hunts For Your Corporate Team Building Event in Coventry. Discover, explore and navigate across the streets of  Coventry in a new and exciting way. Unleash your inner explorer as you unlock challenges via hotspots and compete in a variety of fun activities. Our Coventry Treasure Hunts are great for small and large groups (20 – 2000+)

Team Building Treasure Hunts in Coventry

Coventry, a city known for reinventing and adapting itself. With a wealth of things to discover, from bold history to impressive innovation, this city is definitely a popular choice for our clients who are looking for a fun and captivating outdoor team building experience.

Our fully managed Coventry Treasure Hunts will have you and your team uncover the fascinating history and attractions of Coventry whilst working against the clock to compete in a variety of creative challenges. Groups, both small and large, will put their minds to the test by taking part in unique photo, video, and quiz-style tasks using the latest in puzzle-solving technology .

Our Coventry Treasure Hunt team building is packed with plenty of bespoke and engaging content that is guaranteed to inspire your team to come up with new ideas, problem-solve and collaborate.

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Dedicated To Delivering The Best Experiences

Get out & explore Coventry

As you wander through Coventry’s bustling streets you’ll uncover lively culture, powerful history and stunning architecture including the Coventry Cathedral; one of the city’s and the UK’s key landmarks affected by an air raid bombing back in WW2. 

Of course, Coventry Cathedral is not the only attraction in Coventry which holds a fascinating story:

  • Coventry has two universities (Coventry and Warwick) and three cathedrals, the ruins of St. Michael’s, the ruins of St. Mary’s, destroyed by Henry VIII, and Sir Basil Spence’s cathedral, voted Britain’s most popular 20th-century building.
  • Coventry’s Transport Museum has the biggest collection of British-made cars, motorcycles and bicycles in the world.
  • The city is also the birthplace of the Green Party in this country, originally called the People Party
  • Legend has it that this city was the birthplace of St George, dragon slayer and patron saint of England.

So whether you’re looking to feel educated, inspired or uplifted with some impressive innovation, why not organise your team building event in Coventry?

Book your Treasure Hunt with Eventurous today! Chat to our team below. 

Features & Benefits

What Makes A Great Team Treasure Hunt In Coventry?

Full service event agency, managing your team building Treasure Hunt. 

Eventurous are a leading team building company in Coventry

Enjoy the benefits of our Coventry treasure hunt for your employees.

What Does An Eventurous Treasure Hunt Look Like?

We can create bespoke questions for your corporate treasure hunt based around exciting locations across Coventry.

Visual Puzzle tasks that really get your team thinking. These can be customised with company branding.

Groups must solve challenges using clues to allow them to unlock treasure chests to gain bonus points!

Photos & videos are shown at the end of the event and guaranteed to get everyone laughing!

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