Motor Sports Day

A fast paced and fun team activity you and your pit crew will love! This varied and exciting team build activity is ideal for small to medium group sizes and is the perfect way to blow off steam and let your hair down with colleagues. 

Time: 6 Hrs

People: 20 - 120

Mental: 1/5

Physical: 3/5

Location: Outdoor

Race For The Title

Our off-road selection has exciting options for all abilities so your team can have the ultimate bonding experience. Impress the boss with a precision ride in our powerturn karts and try not to laugh as your colleagues test their co-ordination in the popular reverse drive mini tractors! Watch the action in our video. For more information about this event, speak with our friendly event management team

Take Control of The Wheel

Grab the steering wheel and hit that accelerator. Get involved with some stress-busting, adrenalin-driven challenges with our motorsport team building events. With our highly trained and friendly instructors, everyone can be safely involved in the ultimate motorsports team away day.

  • Grass Track Go Karts – Make colleagues eat dust in the ultimate karting race
  • Power turn 411s – Capable of a 360 spin, pair up for an adrenaline-fueled ride
  • Walker Adams Buggies – Built like tanks, walker Adam buggies guarantee a thrill 
  • Quad Biking – Blast across dirt tracks, streams and open fields
  • Reverse Steer Tractors – A comical driving challenge on mini tractors

Our free venue-finding service means our in-house experts will find you the ideal location to hold your team motorsport day.

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Features & Benefits

What Makes A Great Outdoor Team Building Experience?

Key Activity Features

Full service event agency, managing your team away day. 

Key Benefits & Takeaways

Enjoy the benefits of our Motor Sport event for your employees.

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Eventurous are a leading team building company in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

As particular facilities are required at your venue to run a motor sport day such as tracks and safety equipment. Our venue sourcing team are on hand to help you find a safe and appropriate venue for your team’s location. Mythe Barn in Warwickshire, the midland’s is fully equipped for motor sports, with off road tracks, valeting areas and large activity fields.

If you or anyone in your team has injuries, certain health conditions or is pregnant, this activity will not be suitable, speak to our team for more information.

A bit of rain can make motor sports more fun! In the case of a lot of rain, your event manager will ensure safety first and will help you find an alternative option from our wide range of indoor and outdoor team building events. Alternatively, you can have a contingency in place. Try looking for a venue with some covered space which you can use as shelter should the weather take a turn. Look at tipi hire as an option.

We advise wearing comfortable active wear and trainers. Remember to bring a waterproof jacket or jumper in case you run through a puddle or it rains, even though this makes it more fun!

Medals are awarded to the winners you can add further prizes or donate to charity should you wish. Speak with our event management team for help.

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