Virtual Murder Mystery

An ideal virtual team event to get everyone using their observation skills and putting their problem-solving techniques to the test. Our virtual murder mystery activity is the perfect way to connect teams in an exciting, remote and engaging way.

Time: 1hr

People: 10 - 1000

Mental: 5/5

Physical: 1/5

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Location: Virtual

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An immersive method to create strong bonds, your teams must investigate the murder, examine the evidence, piece together clues and complete challenges to be first to solve the ‘who done it’ mystery. Get a flavour of the fun in the promotional video for our Making A Killing Murder Mystery!  Our team specialise in engaging events and that includes our virtual range!

There's Been A Murder!

And we need your team to help us narrow down the details and identify the key suspect.

Our thrilling new virtual murder mystery team building activity sees your guests playing detective as they find clues, scrutinize suspect interviews and inspect evidence to unravel the mystery behind a puzzling murder.

Tasked with a range of cryptic games, puzzles, riddles and clues, delegates will have to work together to figure out who’s telling the truth and who’s hiding a dark secret. Audio tapes from professional voice actors helps to create a fully immersive experience, with dramatic performances helping to build and develop the story.

Channel your inner detective

Our experienced virtual events team will be on hand to get everyone started and provide support throughout your event. Log in and join with your colleagues, ready for a live briefing from one of our hosts, before getting stuck in and cracking the case.

You’ll receive a themed invite to distribute to attendees, with key details and a link to the virtual murder mystery event, making it really easy for everyone to join. After a quick introduction, players will be split into teams and work in separate breakout rooms with the host dropping in to assist with hints and tips when needed.

To book your virtual team building event or virtual Christmas Party please speak to our friendly event management team on 01827 215 200 or submit an enquiry below as we will come back you shortly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting with a virtual briefing, teams will begin to investigate various clues and video interviews presented to them. Stay sharp, as suspects can’t be trusted, and find vital clues with your team mates to piece together the puzzles.

As new evidence comes to light and riddles are worked out, each team will progress through various stages to get closer to discovering the shocking truth. Be thorough but quick, if you want to beat the other teams!

Played online via Zoom and with full instructions given, everyone can easily connect from a tablet or computer by simply logging in. Our Virtual Murder Mystery is ideal for large groups and remote workers.

There’s no software download needed to play our virtual murder mystery. Simply log in to your preferred video conferencing platform using the details provided by your events manager, and we will take it from there!

Our events team will be on hand to provide technical assistance and support throughout your Murder Mystery experience. They will be online to help get everyone up and running and to help with any questions during the event.

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