Event Production

Inject some life into your event production with our professional audio/visual services. Here at Eventurous, we take care of everything, including design installation and operation with a flexible service to suit all events.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Does the prospect of planning company events fill you with dread, especially the technical parts? We care about delivering excellence for our clients and take pride in our passion for what we do. Let us take away the worry with our team of AV experts who can plan your event production from start to finish, making it easy for you. Discover our audio visual services on hand to bring your event to life through the magic of lights and sound!

Turn your event into a memorable live experience

Great sound and visuals are vital for professional corporate events, but it can be difficult to identify the correct equipment for your venue size.

At Eventurous we have the expertise and experience to recommend the right AV equipment, sizes and amounts for optimum results.

We also provide the option for installation and operation by expert technicians, who are just as helpful and friendly as they are knowledgeable.

At Eventurous we deliver a fully flexible service where we handle every aspect of your event, from the initial planning stage right through to the delivery on the day.

Our creative and inspiration-driven approach means we can produce your event that is not only tailored to your needs and requirements, but also your budget.

Chat to our team using the form below and get a free and simple audio visual quotation. Don’t forget we can also help find your ideal venue and manage other aspects of your corporate event. 

We take on the technical so you don't have to

Our event production and AV support includes:

  • Set and lighting design
  • Graphic design and video production
  • Transport and logistics
    Building and installation
  • On-site technicians
  • Operation and support

Access to professional AV support all starts with completing the form below.

We will then contact you to introduce ourselves and arrange a chat about your corporate event. We are more than happy to provide recommendations for the best AV equipment and will send through a proposal with costs to help you decide.

Speak with our friendly event management team to discuss your next conference, award dinner, product launch or corporate away day AV requirements. Call us on 01827 215 200 or submit an enquiry below and we will come back to you shortly.

Why Choose Us?

What Makes for Stress Free and Easy Audio Visual Support?

Full Service Event Agency

Full service event agency managing your event production. We offer:

Experts in Live Events

In house specialists from event design to audio visual experts.

Bespoke Event AV

We can customise your AV to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

AV is short for audio visual, often used as a term in the creative and media industries. AV may sound technical and it can be, however here at Eventurous we own audio visual equipment and have highly skilled experts to manage this for you.
Our event production and AV support includes:

  • Set and lighting design
  • Graphic design and video production
  • Transport and logistics
  • On site technicians
  • Operation and support

Get in touch with our team to discuss production for your event and leave the complicated part to us!

Event Production is a term used for the technological and creative implementation of sound, video, design and lighting at an event, in which helps set the desired atmosphere that influences the feeling your attendees get during their time at your corporate event. 

Get in touch with our team to discuss production for your event and leave the complicated part to us!

There are a plethora of benefits to including audio visual solutions at your corporate event. If you are looking to increase attendee experience and get the best return on investment at your next corporate event, awards dinner or conference, we can help wow your guests.

  • Entertainment: You can use AV solutions to supply entertainment options and make sure your event is remembered and talked about for months even years to come. Whether it’s live acts, musicians or performers or interactive entertainment such as gameshows or bangers bingo , AV can bring atmosphere and generate anticipation and excitement.
  • Brand Activation: Bespoke lighting, visuals and graphics help raise brand awareness and solidify any important messages you need to convey to your audience.
  • Delegate Accessibility: There are technologies you can use to help audiences from outside your venue and within your venue access content. If you have delegates not able to attend your conference, meeting or awards why not ask an Event Production provider such as Eventurous to live stream your event onto an online platform they can access. Sometimes, with larger conferences or awards of people of 500 or more delegates, you may require streaming cameras to home in on a specific piece of content happing on stage, so it can be displayed up close, in real time on a large screen. This is the perfect solution for on stage demonstrations. 
  • Set the Atmosphere: Before hosting any corporate event, you should know exactly how you want your audience to feel when in attendance. If you know this, then you can use AV elements to transform your venue, creating an atmosphere that helps you achieve that feeling of excitement, anticipation or energy. 
  • Brand Perception and Reputation: If you wish to be perceived as a credible brand and your values revolve heavily around quality and professionalism then its important to get the right Event Production team and AV equipment for your event. The right team and equipment will help you maintain your positive brand reputation. 
  • Better Benefits: If a key objective for your corporate event is to help others learn something new, then you need to ensure your content is captivating and thought-provoking. Use animation, interactive polls and multi-media to keep your attendees engaged throughout your conference, meeting or launch event. Studies show that a mixed approach to content can help improve learning and the retention of information.
  • Clear Communication: Great audio-visual tools can help you communicate to your target audience in an effective and impactful way. Whether you use dynamic presentations or video, having impactful visual aids and sound can help re-enforce the message and help with deeper understanding and clarity. 

Whether you are planning a conference, gala dinner, award ceremony or corporate festival there are many ways you can elevate attendee experience, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Event theming is a great way to immerse guests into another world whilst providing amazing photo opportunities. Event production is another way to change the environment of your event, use lighting, smoke, digital screens and more to transform any venue into an unrecognisable space. Lastly entertainment can surprise your attendees… in a good way! With endless entertainment options you can opt for something that fits the theme of your event and your guest’s preferences.

Inclusivity is a hot topic for event planners in 2024 and rightly so! We should all be doing more to consider each and every attendee need. AV can assist you with achieving your inclusivity goals in a number of ways. 

Subtitles on video: speak with your AV team to discuss including subtitles within your video content, so anyone with a hearing impairment can still enjoy the content you have created. 

Animation: Consider animation as a way of describing or explaining complex topics or scenarios, this could help those with hearing disabilities to better understand and allows for the visual learners to retain the information.

Hearing loops: Hearing loops can be bought along to your event, to help ensure those with a hearing impairments can get access to your content. 

Real-time Audio Description: is an accessibility feature to support the blind or visually impaired, and consists of narration of the live event including the description of different types of multimedia content whenever necessary.

Yes we have our own team of in house virtual event specialists. Our team can help you manage your attendees both in person and digitally, ensuring you have a seamless event that engages both audiences.

Each event audio visual requirement is unique to the venue the event is being held in. Some venues have their own AV and others will not, meaning hire from a company like Eventurous is essential. Whether you need help with hire or help planning your event production, our team are here to support you

You can make your conference, gala dinner or meeting more sustainable when considering the below 6 things when it comes to your event production:

  1. Energy efficient equipment 
  2. LED lighting
  3. Minimal production 
  4. Digital materials
  5. Local AV suppliers
  6. Waste management 
  7. Renewable energy

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