Squad Games

The Squad Games is a unique and engaging team-building activity inspired by but in no way affiliated with the popular Netflix series. This immersive experience is designed to foster collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills among team members in a fun and memorable way.

Time: 2 - 2.5 Hrs

People: Up to 500

Mental: 3/5

Physical: 5/5

Location: Outdoors

will your team survive squad games?

Teams will face a series of challenges that require teamwork, strategy, and creativity to succeed, competing against each other to win money, the team with the most money at the end wins!

The event consists of 5 challenge stations, each inspired by a game from the memorable Netflix series:​

Big Slide: Teams will race on another up an inflatable slide, slide back down and retrieve a connect 4 coin, the coin then needs to be placed in the grid.​

Tug of War: Teams compete in a classic tug of war.​
Marbles: Teams must work together to build a tower out of balls.​

Obstacle Dominos: Teams will go head-to-head to race through an inflatable obstacle course to retrieve a domino, teams will then have to construct a domino chain.​

Glass Tiles: Teams must navigate a maze of “glass” tiles, some of which are tempered (strong and safe to step on), while others are fragile and may break under pressure.

Finale – Red Light, Green Light: Teams must move stealthily to reach a designated area without being caught when the Squid Master calls “Red Light”.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike the popular Netflix series, participants of the Squad Game team building activity do not get eliminated, therefor all team members remain engaged and involved throughout the duration of the event. Instead of elimination, teams compete in various Squad Games for fun money, in the aim of being the team with the highest total at the end.

Yes! As experts in immersive and highly engaging team building, we pride ourselves on making each activity as authentic as possible. The Eventurous Squad Games consists of 6 team tasks which are very similar to ones you will see on the popular Korean TV show.

Squad Games is a flexible outdoor team building activity that can be held at almost any venue providing they have sufficient outdoor space for the number of delegates and flat soft ground, with well kept grass.

The Eventurous Squad Game is hosted by our professional and experienced event host, who aim to keep your team’s energy levels and engagement high throughout the activity. For a fully immersive experience, our event hosts and support staff will dress up in line with the theme of Squid Games. 

We recommend wearing comfortable active wear and trainers. Remember to bring a waterproof jacket or jumper in case the weather looks unpredictable, or you get chilly.

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