The Lost Pages

Work as a team to unlock the mysteries from the lost pages of an old explorer’s diary and solve the riddles to find out what happened to them long ago. This highly engaging portable tabletop indoor team building activity is ideal for any group size, large or small. 

Time: 1-2.5 Hrs

People: 5 - 1000+

Mental: 5/5

Physical: 1/5

Location: Indoor

Embark on a Journey

Get a feel for this intriguing indoor team building activity by watching our video. This new activity has been carefully crafted to offer a unique and mobile solution that suits all abilities, ages and group sizes. 

Unlike anything else out there, this game of discovery will have participants on the edge of their seats, desperate to solve the cryptic riddles before opposing teams.

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Will your Team Uncover the Unsolved

Follow in the explorers footsteps taking on a series of high-adrenaline challenges from hidden spaces from around the world – ancient temples, long lost cities and hidden chambers hold the stories and secrets that you will need to solve the tasks. 

Using a series of props, participants will be able to take on the personas of characters and immerse themselves in the moment.

This engaging and intense team build activity requires the use of strengths within a team to solve as many mysteries as possible in the time given, to find the keywords. Riddles are uniquely illustrated so no two are the same.

As you find each key word you enter it into your team iPad, which then allows you to move on to the next part of the quest.

This indoor team building activity requires access to banqueting tables large enough to fit our 1m x 1m boards and props on. For help looking for the perfect venue, speak with our venue finding team. 

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Features & Benefits

What Makes A Great Indoor Team Building Experience?

Key Activity Features

Full service event agency, managing your team away day. 

Key Benefits & Takeaways

Enjoy the benefits of the Lost Pages.

Team Building Experts

Eventurous are a leading team building company in the UK. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on group size it is likely you will be better hosting this activity at an external venue. Not only does this give your team a change in environment but you will have access to large banqueting tables and maybe a stage and PA system, all of which make for an immersive and interactive experience. To find your ideal venue speak with our free venue-finding team.

Medals are presented to the winning team who answer the most puzzles correctly in the time given. You can include your own prizes or make donations to a charity, simply ask your event manager to help you with this.

The Lost Pages contains uniquely illustrated riddles for all abilities. Each puzzle is different from the other and involves a variety of strengths and skill sets to solve. You have hidden clues within each riddle to aid your team in finding the answers. This modern indoor team building activity is highly inclusive and suits all employees. 

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