Incentive Travel

Looking for a special way to reward employees or build relationships with clients or partners? Reward and recognise those valuable to your business with an incentive trip that leaves a lasting impression. Incentive travel allows you to offer precious stakeholders a memorable experience like no other.

What is incentive travel?

Incentive travel allows you to offer precious stakeholders a memorable experience like no other. With endless opportunities, we can help you create a bespoke trip in the UK or abroad that is tailored to your objectives and is sure to leave your brand at the forefront of mind.

With incentive travel trips you have something for all, simply tell us your objectives and budget and we will come back to you with a proposal that ignites excitement in you and your chosen attendees, whether clients or employees.

Don’t let another successful year fly by quicker than a plane to Spain. You could be wining and dining in France, site seeing in Prague, team building in Dublin or sailing in Greece and rewarding stakeholders comes with great benefits for any organisation.

Still not sure what to think? Pick up the phone for a call with our incentive travel team and we’d love to provide you with some free costings and ideas.

Call us on 01827 215 200 or submit an enquiry below and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

Our Most Popular incentive Travel Destinations

In Dublin, your guests will never be short of places to go, from the Guinness Factory to St. Patrick’s Cathedral – you have it all.

Las Vegas
Glamour, glitz, thrills & spills – Las Vegas is the ultimate in exciting destinations. Being the entertainment capital of the world, you can certainly show your guests a good time. Las Vegas is a the spot for team building!

French Alpes 
The French Alps offer the perfect combination of high-energy activities, stunning scenery & endless social spots. With the option of many resorts, you can take to the slopes, go wine tasting or catch a hot air balloon ride.

A place of natural beauty you can give your guests a once in a life time experience that you can’t get from any other destination. Visit the Blue Lagoon, take a lava lunch or be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights.

Barcelona has something for all. Take a bicycle tour to see the cities famously stunning architecture or if you have sport fans on board visit the Camp Nou stadium. You will never be short of things to do in this Spanish city.

Submit an enquiry to our team below or call us on 01827 215 200 and we will come back to you with ideas and inspiration for your trip.

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Reap the many benefits of rewarding your team with incentive travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, before doing any planning for your incentive travel trip, confirm what the objectives of the trip are. Most incentive holidays are to reward employees for reaching milestones or targets at the company. However, there may be other goals you wish to achieve whilst at your chosen destination. You may want to take the time away to help teams build stronger bonds or to develop certain skills, so you may need to consider this in the itinerary.
Hiring a full service event agency can take the pressure off planning your incentive travel trip.

Give your event manager your objectives and any ideas you may have around the number of days you’d like your trip to be and preferences on destination and our experts will send across a free proposal.

If you’d like your trip to be within sensible proximity of your regional office then let your event manager know this is a priority at the point of enquiry. Our event management team will organise everything from accommodation to travel and itinerary.

Before jetting off on your work trip, you need to consider travel insurance if outside the UK and event insurance should you have a conference or something similar within your itinerary. Speak to our event management team for more advice.

In an ideal world you should reach out to us to plan your trip three months ahead of the date you intend to go, however, we are aware that in some cases the day-to-day tasks pile up and the planning gets pushed back. The earlier the planning the better the options will be for accommodation, travel and so on, it could even save you money.

When planning your work trip away, it’s easy to let excitement take over and important considerations such as accessibility are forgotten about. Before speaking to our event manager, be sure to consider each employee’s accessibility needs. We can factor all delegate needs in from the very beginning, supporting with things such as disabled access, sign language translation and hearing loops for example. Ensuring each delegate has ready access to your trip will ensure it goes without a glitch and everyone attending has the very best experience.

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