Become a rockstar and sing along with a professional band.

Get your team up and singing with a professional band in Bandeoke.
One of the most exciting experiences your guests can have at a corporate event. Bandeoke gives guests and colleagues the opportunity to live out their dream of becoming a rock star – by performing a song with a professional live band.

Time: Up to 2.5hrs

People: 20 - 250

Mental: 2/5

Physical: 1/5

Location: Indoor

Become A rockstar with Bandeoke Entertainment

Live Karaoke
Bandeoke is next-level karaoke, Imagine the fun of normal Karaoke but with a live band behind you.

A Crowd Pleaser
If someone at your event is somewhat shy, take some of the limelight off them by performing alongside a live band.

Fun and Interactive 
Bandeoke is a surefire way to get everyone up on their feet, singing, laughing and dancing the night (or day!) away.

Easy Going Entertainment
If you are the type of team who work hard and play hard this is a great fit for you. Easy going, you can all join in the fun as and when you please.

Christmas Party Favourite
After a hard year of working, we all deserve some fun. Bandeoke is a great way to lift the festive spirit. You can even request your favourite festive songs!

Sing Sing Sing!

Looking for a pressure-free evening like Karaoke, but without the cheesy backing track? Choose Bandeoke! Guests can choose songs to sing from an extensive set list performed by an incredibly talented and energetic professional live band.

An easy-going interactive experience, your event will benefit from professional live music as the band warms up the audience with crowd-pleaser cover songs. Meanwhile, as guests build up the courage (dutch or otherwise!) they can then choose a song to sing, grab the mic and strut their stuff!

The ideal after-dinner entertainment, after everyone has finished their encores, our flexible Bandeoke event means the band continues to roll out amazing songs and keep the dancing going for the rest of the night.

Nothing beats a live band at a company dinner or hearing the CEO’s animated rendition of ‘Money Money Money’, so for an evening that everyone will be talking about for a long (long) time to come, it’s got to be Bandeoke!

Speak to our friendly event management team to discuss having Bandeoke at your next corporate event, Christmas party or award ceremony. Call us on 01827 215 200 or submit an enquiry below and we will come back to you. 

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Features & Benefits

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Make your event memorable & reap the benefits of Bandeoke.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bandeoke act will provide their own PA, musical equipment, karaoke kit + lighting. So you don’t need to lift a finger. 

The only thing you may need to consider are the options to enhance depending on venue include staging, additional lights, hazers, lasers, so ask your event manager about these. We recommended on  you only need to consider enhancements to the AV on your event if you are throwing a large high profile events as there is a cost implication. 

Bandeoke can be 4 piece, 5 piece or 6 piece band. They also provide a “semi DJ service” to play songs before/after so there is no need to book a DJ to fill in the gaps where your entertainment is not live. This can be done through one simple solution for the duration of your event.

Our Bandeoke experience does take 2.5 hours to set up and to run a soundcheck  and therefore requires access to the venue space before guests arrive.

Our Bandeoke experience has a 300+ song list which can be provided pre-event for guests to pre-select songs from. This can really help get your guests excited and planning their moment to shine! However, if you prefer to keep the suspense and surprise, then your guests can select songs on the night. 

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