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The events industry is estimated to contribute around 10% of the worlds C02 emissions. For this reason, we must do our best as a united community to continue to provide first class experiences for our clients whilst doing our best to reduce, recycle, reuse and lower our carbon footprint where possible.

Eventurous was established over 30 years ago and has since become a leading UK provider of corporate and team building events. The company premises at the stunning 150 acre Mythe Farm in the heart of the midlands is a haven for wildlife with a strong environmental focus. Mythe Farm and Eventurous share the same ownership and are managed following the same principles. Here at Eventurous we walk the walk when it comes to sustainability and are proud to have a team of mindful people who care about the environment.

Positively Enhancing The Environment

Headed up by owners Joe and Joanna, the Eventurous premises at Mythe Farm have seen significant adjustments to positively enhance the environment and offset carbon emissions:

  • In 2007 we planted 12,000 trees over 20 acres.
  • In 2011 - 2012 we converted some farm buildings – Mythe Barn - into an award winning events venue exceeding standard building regulations requirements to achieve a BREEAM equivalent rating of ‘Good’.
  • In 2015 we installed 500 solar panels, resulting in 188, 841kg of CO2 emissions being saved – the equivalent to 8,644 trees being planted.
  • Some months we generate up to 88% of our own electricity on site.
  • Our premises runs completely from solar and renewable energy.
  • Back in 2021 we diversified to offer virtual and hybrid events, giving organisations the opportunity to enjoy more sustainable events with limited travel and physical materials
  • In 2022 we planted a wildflower meadow, supporting wildlife biodiversity by offering shelter and food for wildlife such as bees, butterflies and small animals.
  • Owner Joanna Garland is a registered Bee Keeper, keeping two of her own bee hives on the premises and offering clients the opportunity to have their very own hive and honey with the Eventurous Plan Bee solution.

For more than 10 years Eventurous have work closely with local waste management company Briers who have been zero to landfill for over a decade winning awards for their efforts in ensuring their environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

  • Our event vehicles are Euro 6 rated, helping to lower some emissions by up to 96%
  • We have strict event travel policy whereby our event teams are asked to use public transport or travel to the location in using the same vehicle where possible
  • We pride ourselves on being midlands based as it is the ideal location for limiting travel to majority of the places in the UK
  • Promotional items we use are now plastic free
  • We use local suppliers wherever possible
  • We operate in a paperless office where possible
  • With the Mythe Barn and Sheepy Meadows Tipi venue on our premises, some days our team need not travel, reducing emissions.
  • In 2023 we installed electric vehicle chargers on site for staff and guests to use. 

Our sustainability journey may look seomewhat impressive, but we understand that it must be a continuous journey of improvement as our services and our business is forever evolving.

Next steps for 2023...

  • Partner with the Greengage solutions to audit the business and work towards further sustainability objectives.
  • Offer clients the option to track the carbon emissions of corporate events.
  • Work with specialists to help clients offset carbon emissions where necessary.
  • Remove single plastic use within the business. 
  • Research and develop new event formats that promote sustainability and CSR, to be launched in Q1 of 2023.

Next steps for 2024...

  • Measure our carbon impact as a business and assess how we can further decrease emissions. 

We will continue to review our practices and strive to implement more sustainable measures in the near future.