Virtual Cocktail Making

Looking For A Cool And Quirky Virtual Team Building Activity?

Get online and join our virtual cocktail making from the comfort of your home. This is your chance to brush up on your shaking techniques to become the online cocktail master!

Time: 0.5 - 2 hrs

People: 5 - 5000+

Mental: 4/5

Physical: 1/5

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Location: Virtual

A mesmerising masterclass!

Much more than just an evening of swirling, shaking and sipping, our virtual cocktail making event with Eventurous is guaranteed to engage and inspire your colleagues.

Our diverse and delicious range of online classes have been designed specifically to help you connect with your remote colleagues. We provide full instructions, ingredients and an expert mixologist to give step-by-step guidance on how to make the perfect cocktail.

Throwing a virtual event at home can be the best option for engagement and interaction and is perfect if you’re looking to liven up your weekly Zoom meeting or online conference.

Our expert mixologist will kick off your event by introducing some of the key concepts behind cocktail making. Once everyone is set up and ready to go, your host will then take you through each cocktail, where you and your guests will attempt to recreate them as closely as possible. Don’t forget all the ingredients are delivered to your door!

Call us today on 01827 215 200 or submit an enquiry below and we will come back to you shortly. 

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What Makes an Engaging Virtual Team Building Event?

Key Features

As experts in team building our range of virtual events are developed for maximum engagement:

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Engage your delegates with exciting virtual events and reap the benefits:

Virtual Event Experts

We can tailor your event around your specific business needs:

Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing we provide is on a fixed rate package cost and is bespoke for your needs. We will create a quote in a written proposal so that you can see the breakdown for each element of the event.

You only need a computer or laptop with an internet connection and of course the ingredients. Easy! Our experts can either post a box of ingredients to each participants house or we can provide you with a shopping list so you can head out and get it yourself. Speak to our team to find out more. 

Virtual Cocktail Making
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