Virtual Escape Room

Immersive, thrilling and guaranteed to boost morale and perfect to help reward remote workers.

A highly engaging, fun and exciting UK virtual escape room for remote teams. Paired with a live online host, players of all skills levels will be tested on their communication and puzzle-solving abilities in this unique online team building event.

Ideal virtual event or Christmas party for small and large teams of 10 – 1000+.

Time: 1hr

People: 10 - 1000

Mental: 5/5

Physical: 1/5

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Location: Virtual

Online Escape Room Team Building Experience

Full of unique puzzles, interesting characters and a compelling storyline, you won’t be short of excitement with our online escape room. You must decipher a variety of cryptic clues and overcome challenges if you are to be successful and defeat Chaos Group.   

Time is of the essence. You will have approximately one hour to complete multiple stages, with each stage providing their own unique set of challenges.

Will your team be first to stop Chaos Group? Will you secure top stop on the leader board?

Moderated by our expert UK team of virtual event staff, Ransom has been designed to maximise participant engagement, encourage teamwork and improve morale.

Our virtual escape room has been formulated for remote teams of all backgrounds. Regardless of your discipline, we guarantee that everyone will leave with lasting memories for all the right reasons!

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What Makes an Engaging Virtual Team Building Activity?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to download any software or install anything. Our virtual escape rooms run through Zoom and are accessed by using the login provided to you by our expert support staff. We will ensure you can easily login and get started with minimal fuss.

We provide technical assistance and support staff throughout your entire virtual escape room experience. This ensures you can focus on enjoying the experience and we can ensure everything runs properly without a hitch.

Team sizes are generally 5-6 people per team. The maximum amount of players in total is up to 1000. If you think you might exceed this number, please get in touch with us and we will aim to construct a solution to ensure everyone can join in and have a great time!

Escape rooms take around 45 – 60 minutes to play and sually involve a short amount of setup time. The reason the duration varies is due to the dependance on how quickly a team completes puzzles, solves riddles and finds clues. Don’t forget, our support is available throughout, to answer any questions you might have and ensure an enjoyable experience.

Teams are pitched head-to-head to solve puzzles, find clues and answer questions the fastest to complete the game. Contestants battle through stages and unlock achievements as they progress. The winnnig team is the one who completes the game in the quickest period. So yes, our escape rooms are competitive!

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