Celebrate 2024 Sporting Events with Your Team

What says team more than sports? With the 2022 Global Sports Survey finding that more than half of respondents (57%) are watching more sports now compared to 2020 (43%), you can guarantee that majority of your team have some interest in sports or have at least heard of the major sporting events coming this 2024. Sports can bring employees closer together, providing a common goal or a common interest that opens doors for conversations and building strong bonds.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan once said,

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Take these famous works of wisdom and think about how can this ethos apply to your team. We’ve got you covered, develop your employee’s teamwork skills and intelligence, with our range of sports-themed team building events. Whether you are celebrating winter sporting events with indoor team building or summer sporting events with outdoor team building, work with our expert team to create a bespoke team away day that helps employees develop their communication, strategy and teamwork skills.

Here is our list of top team building activities for celebrating major sporting events in 2024.

  1. The Euros (Football) – It’s A Knockout & Free Play Games

Human Football Table Team Building

Is your workplace even British if they don’t take part in the Euros sweepstakes? After the England women’s team were crowned Euro Champions in 2022, smashing broadcasting records for the highest viewing numbers for any England game, you can expect both the female and male employees of your team to be tuning in to the biggest tournament in the 2024 football calendar.

Celebrate the Euros with your very own football tournament. Encourage some healthy competition with our table football tournament, perfect for the office or if you’d prefer to get your team outdoors, try our It’s a Knockout game, including the popular human table football and inflatable penalty shootout.

2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games – Retro Sports Day & Country Pursuits

Team having fun on inflatable sausages

After four long years, the Olympics is finally here! With the excitement building around the 2024 Paris games, be sure to make the most of this opportunity to engage and reward your employees.

Build a bespoke Olympic-themed away day which promises to ignite healthy competition and encourage collaborative working, all whilst increasing mood and productivity within the workplace.

You can select from a wide range of competitive outdoor team building activities or motivational indoor team building activities for your office Olympics. Popular outdoor Olympic-themed team building events include our Retro Sports Day Games and Country Pursuit activities, whereby colleagues can compete in a range of fun team activities such as Archery, Axe Throwing, Torch Relays and an Inflatable Obstacle Course. Some favourite options for winter team building activities include our table football tournaments, virtual sports, a quiz, simulators and more!

The 2024 Grand National – Race Day/Night 

Work race night

Do your team love to take a gamble? Let us bring the excitement and adrenaline of the Races to you!

Harness the competitive energy of the Grand National into an entertaining and highly engaging team building Race Day Event with eventurous. Feel like you are at the live races with our professional race night host, tote desks and fun money. You could include our Race Night activity as an entertainment feature at your evening gala dinner or conference. Throw your team into the Grand National theme by hosting your corporate event and team building at your nearest racecourse.

Watch each race and bet on your favourites to win, then cash in for some prizes or donate your wins to charity.

The 2024 Grand Prix – Soap Box Derby Event

Soap Box Derby Team Building

Feel as though you’re in Monaco at the Grand Prix, minus the Ferrari and Lamborghini but with the same amount of adrenaline! 

Our Soap Box Derby activity will bring you a team away day in the great outdoors that holds the perfect combination of skill development and fun.

So, gather your best pit crew and we will meet you at the track! In your pit crew, get hands-on and build your race cart, ensuring you steal the most points for creativity and uniqueness.

Will your team look good for the grand finale? Once your cart is ready, get ready to race to the finish line for 1st place on the podium!

The 2024 Masters (Golf) – Fairway to Foodbank

Putt your team to the test, in the name of a good cause and in celebration of the Masters 2024 Golf Tournament. Explore our Fairway to Foodbank charity team building activity, which fits this theme perfectly!

In teams, build your own 3m golf hole using accessories such as ramps, obstacle courses and non-perishable foodstuffs. Once complete, teams come together for the ultimate game of crazy golf as you swing into action on the fairway. At the end of the tournament donate your non-perishable food stuffs to your local foodbank and celebrate playing for a good cause. What’s not to love?

This charity team building event works best outdoors with larger groups but can be done indoors depending on the venue size.

6. The 2024 Highland Games – Country Pursuits

Axe Throwing

This is one for the Scottish teams or maybe those looking for a team building experience in the countryside.

The Highland games have been taking place since the 11th century and even the likes of the Royal Family can be seen in regular attendance. The Highland games are a great symbol of heritage and culture so why not use this theme to celebrate your internal culture with your own version of this epic event!

Show the strength of your team in our tug of war or hit targets in more ways than one, with archery and axe throwing.

Wimbledon 2024 – Virtual Office Games

Tennis Wii Console

Wimbledon is arguably one of the most recognised sporting events in the 2024 calendar, and it’s held on our own turf – London! Wimbledon reminds us of sunshine, tennis, socialising and of course Pimms and Lemonade. It is a sporting event that brings positivity and good vibes to all, even if you don’t follow tennis religiously.

Embrace the upbeat energy from Wimbledon with your own office tennis tournament. Hire some Nintendo Wii Consoles or VR headsets to go head-to-head in tennis matches. Channel your inner Andy Murray / Venus Williams or sit back, spectate and sip a refreshing Pimms as you take time away from the day-to-day to catch up with colleagues. 

If you are looking to organise an easy-going team building event, in line with Wimbledon, then free-play games are perfect for you. Their mobile nature allows for easy set-up at the office and gives your employees the chance to play at their own pace. 

There are also ways you can up the stakes and increase competitive spirit. Offer prizes or allow teams to donate to charity to take part.

This is a great one for fancy dress too – imagine how good you’d all look for the company gram. 

The 2024 Tour de la France – Charity Bike Build

Build a bike for charity with your team

Pack your bags, you’re off to Florence Italy! Maybe not quite, but it can feel close enough if the sun is out in full force. 

Is your team focusing on the company’s ESG goals in 2024? Then team building that gives back to the planet and those who need it most is likely something you are considering.

Why not try our Build for Charity activity with a Tour de France twist? Ask teams to come in fancy dress, representing their team country and get ready to build a bike for a great cause! Ramp up the pace, with some added challenges for a chance to win all the bells and whistles for your bike!

Again, imagine the photo opportunities? Use these to promote your socially responsible ethos. 

To discuss your sporting-themed team building needs, speak to our award-winning team on 01827 215 200 or visit the contact us page.