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Fun & interactive virtual team building events for remote employees across the UK

Keep your employees engaged, motivated & connected with our virtual team building games online

Online team building - connecting colleagues working from home. Our selection of fun, social and engaging online events and virtual team building activities and away days are crafted specifically to help remote workers stay motivated and together whilst social distancing.

Top 12 UK Virtual Team Building Events

Explore our exciting and fun range of remote team building activities. Each is designed to bring your team closer together,
have fun, improve communication and boost morale. The perfect match for a video conference or online meeting!

Virtual Escape Room

Our online Escape Room experience brings the thrill, fun and excitement of an escape room directly to your home or workplace. Great for small and large groups.

Virtual Murder Mystery

Get everyone together for this great virtual take on the classic 'murder mystery'. Solve clues, unravel puzzles and find out whodunnit!

Virtual Christmas Party

Have a fantastic festive celebration with all your remote colleagues this Christmas with our virtual Christmas parties!

Company Fortunes

Bring the team together with our Company Fortunes game show! A great way to enhance your virtual event while being very funny and truly memorable.

Passport Pursuit

Navigate across the globe and solve a series of cunning clue based challenges, all while enhancing team cohesion with our Passport Pursuits virtual quest!

Virtual Cocktail Making

Join colleagues online to learn from a top mixologist. From a Mai Tai to Manhattan, get creative making some classic cocktails!

Virtual Race Nights

Hand us the reigns and let us entertain you with a night at the races. Always a hit with clients, this is an online entertainment experience like no other!

Virtual Cookery

Calling all foodies out there! There’s never been a better time to brush up on your culinary skills with our inspiring, (and delicious) Virtual Cookery event.

Hybrid Treasure Hunts

Explore a city of your choice with our hybrid treasure hunt. We remotely manage the event, whilst you and your team solve puzzles, find the clues & aim to win!

Gameshow Mania

Battle through rounds across a wide range of your favourite quiz show classics in this incredibly fun virtual game show for some top team bonding!

Virtual Live Music Quiz

Rewind back to the 80's and get the whole team involved to play a host of music-themed quizzes across Zoom or Teams, with our professional live band.

Codebreaker Escape Room

Keep your teams connected and energised in our Codebreaker team challenge where you'll experience a great mix of creative tasks and puzzles.

New: Hybrid Treasure Hunts

Take advantage of the best of both worlds with a hybrid team building event. A fantastic live treasure hunt around your chosen city, but hosted and managed virtually by Eventurous. Prices are just £250 setup and £50 per team + VAT!


With face to face interactions and physical meetings currently on hold, it can be difficult to find a way to keep teams from feeling disengaged and disconnected. That's why, now more than ever, virtual team building is vital for your remote employees working from home, just take a look at the benefits:

  1. Stay At Home: Employees can have fun, reconnect and take part in engagin events from the convenience of their home.
  2. Have Fun & Stay Motivated: Ensuring employees have fun and engage is important to employee well-being. What better way to boost motivation than bringing everyone together on a fun remote event like cocktail making or a virtual escape room?
  3. Improve Teamwork: By bringing everyone together to down tools and have fun, not only does this motivate, but it also encourages team bonding and improves teamwork as employees work together in interactive challenges such as our popular virtual murder mystery
  4. Identify Potential: Virtual team building games make it easier to identify future leaders and employees with lots of potential. Get all levels involved and gain useful insights to take away.
  5. Improve Productivity: Employees will not only have fun, gain more motivation and improve teamwork, but also appreciate their employer is rewarding their hard work.

As an experienced remote team building company based in the UK with over 30 years' experience delivering fantastic events, we tailor each of our remote solutions to meet your objectives, creating highly engaging online experiences that reinforce your company messages.

We can manage all aspects of virtual team building, saving you the long hours and countless emails you'll spend arranging everything yourself. As experts in corporate team building activities, we can help advise on the perfect challenges and organise all the logistics with professionalism and creativity.

Our virtual team building events are unique, in that they’re not just you're bog-standard online games only catering to a select few. Yes! - You'll engage with your workmates, take a break, have fun, interact and leave with some great memories that you won't forget anytime soon!

We have a wide range of remote team building activity options online, available to be run competitively or as a collaborative exercise.

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What makes a great
virtual team building challenge?

We take a closer look at what goes into making your remote event a total success..


We can brand and bespoke your virtual team building activity:

  • Packaged & bespoke events
  • Custom corporate branding
  • Custom questions and challenging activities
  • Custom theming


We are experts in providing remote team building events nationwide:

  • Event management team
  • Online & remote options
  • 30 years experience
  • MIA Member
  • £5m public liability insurance


We can tailor your event around your specific business needs

  • Group sizes from 10-1000
  • Custom corporate branding
  • Variety of event durations
  • Join from anywhere!
  • Professional hosts


Still got some questions about virtual team building? Unsure how you can best connect with your remote staff? You might just find your answer here...

100%! Experts have suggested that working remotely has left many workers feeling isolated and disengaged from their daily tasks. Virtual team building is the ideal solution if you're struggling to keep your remote employees connected. It also provides an opportunity to increase your team's productivity in a fun and unique way.

If you would like to request a demo before booking one of our virtual team building games, please get in touch with our events team on 020 8051 9900.

We know that a fun and engaging virtual event comes down to how it's delivered. That's why in order to ensure maximum interaction, all of our virtual events are hosted by a professional and live compere who be with you from start to finish.

Our app-based online events cater to larger group sizes and can be run for a maximum of 500 participants, such as our Virtual Quiz. Other formats, such as Company Fortunes, can be run for group sizes no larger than 60. If you would like to learn more about how many participants can take part in each of our virtual events, please don't hesitate to call us on 020 8051 9900.

The majority of our virtual team building events last approximately one hour. Our Virtual Escape Rooms may take longer and can last up to 90 minutes.

We offer a bespoke service and are happy to discuss timings that fit your schedule.

Our virtual team building activities can be played using a desktop/laptop using Zoom. For our Virtual Race Nights, we recommend having a secondary device (mobile phone or tablet) ready to input your answers.

We highly recommend that participants download the Zoom app for the best possible experience. However, if users don't have the app downloaded, they will still be able to take part in the virtual activity via their internet browser.

We are only able to deliver our virtual experiences via Zoom. We highly recommend participants download the zoom application before taking part in their event.

Our virtual team-building activities must be booked pre-event. All of our virtual experiences are delivered in our studios and delivered by one of our experienced and professional live compères.

Once you have booked your virtual experience, we will send you a branded invite that will outline the joining instructions. The invite will include the time and date of the event, how to join, and a link to the Zoom meeting.


So, what are the benefits of team building for your employees?

1. Reconnecting colleagues Some people may see work as a form of socialising for them. During these difficult times, keeping the team connected is more important than ever. We can help bring employees together who may feel isolated from others into a group and will give them the chance to chat to fellow employees in a fun and unique way.

2. Increase motivation: It can be difficult for people to keep motivated when working alone at home. A virtual team building activity gives colleagues an opportunity to escape isolation, feel re-energised, happier and more motivated.

3. Feeling valued: With our high-quality professional online events, staff recognise that time and money have been invested in their success. That feeling of appreciation not only motivates employees but also inspires loyalty.

4. Versatility!Our virtual team building activities can be played anywhere at any time. They can also be personalised to your corporate branding, so you are able to get a message across and help motivate your staff who may be feeling down in these current times.


Working remotely doesn't mean your team should feel disconnected. We have an exciting choice of virtual team building activities that you're workforce can look forward to - not aim to avoid!

Whether you're developing a new team from the ground up, reconnecting employees after weeks of lockdown or just want to organise some lighthearted fun for your remote home workers, you can trust Eventurous to deliver an exciting and memorable online event.

Find out more about some of our most popular virtual team building events:

To discover which of activity will work for your team and fit your business goals, simply contact our experts on 01827 215 200 and we’ll put together a great proposal, with options and prices to suit your budget.


We've put together some hints and tips to help you plan your next virtual team building event.

1. Understand Your Audience: As an event organiser, it's essential that you understand your audience's expectations. We recommend you ask yourself the following questions before planning any virtual event:

  • How likely is your audience going to take part in a virtual event?
  • How much experience does your audience have in using Zoom?
  • How long does the virtual event need to be to meet your goals?

2. Choose The Right Virtual Platform: There are loads of virtual event platforms to choose from and picking the right one can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, our virtual experiences are all delivered via Zoom which is free, easy to use and is accessible on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

3. Choose The Right Format: This is one of the most important factors when organising a virtual event. The format you choose will be dependent on your goals, aims, and desired outcomes. At Eventurous, we offer a variety of event formats for all kinds of audiences. Some of our most popular virtual experiences are:

4. Date & Time: Virtual events are not subject to geographical concerns. However, it is imperative that you consider the time and date you want participants to join. This is important as you may have delegates joining internationally and in different time zones.

4. Market Your Event: Marketing your event to ensure optimal audience participation is often an overlooked step. To ensure you get the maximum number of participants it's important you advertise the event early in the process.

Case Studies

Explore some of our case studies from our valued clients.

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'The inter-regional team work we have seen following the event has been great, especially with communication between individuals that would not normally have exposure to each other..'

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