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Explore our wide range of outdoor team building activities; designed to ignite positive energy, strengthen team bonds and create fun memories that last a lifetime.

Small and large groups will enjoy the challenge of outdoor team building games in the fresh air, with hilarious inflatable activities inspired by popular TV shows and great opportunities to impress the boss with off-road driving, archery, raft building and more!

We can provide you with fun and unique ideas for team building in the great outdoors that are ideal for:

Whether it’s high energy excitement or just a bit of friendly fun, our selection of outdoor team building activities will deliver an unforgettable experience  to suit all group sizes (10 to 1000+) and abilities.


Read more about how your business can benefit from building team morale outside and enjoy a fun-packed corporate away day


No corporate event or team away day is complete without a fun activity that brings everyone together and demonstrates how much the business values the hard work of each member.

Choosing to hold your corporate games outdoors is the only way to truly get away from the office environment, get outside in the sun and away from the restrictions of the conference room.

Some great games include:

  • Retro Sports Day - Participants go back to school with traditional sports day games. Great fun and a laugh for everyone involved - don't disobey the teacher!
  • It's A Knockout - Based on the classic TV show, colleagues can let off some steam in this top inflatable game
  • Motor Sports Day - Get revving those engines as employees go head-to-head in this competitive racing event

There are so many benefits to getting the team together in the fresh air, so why not find out? Or if the weather isn't looking too great, why not check out our indoor team building activities for a weatherproof booking? Contact our friendly advisors and we’ll put together a great proposal and prices, with no obligation.


So, what are the benefits of outdoor team building for your employees?

1. Stress reduction: Research shows that getting out in the fresh air reduces cortisol levels and helps your team let off some steam; ideal for businesses looking to manage change or celebrate after a period of intense effort in the workplace.

2. Trust and rapport: “We are all in this together.” When engaged in simple outdoor team building activities each person is at the same level. New relationships can be forged, including respect, trust and a renewed sense of camaraderie.

3. Unlocked creativity: It’s proven in a study by Stanford University, that getting back to nature helps people to unlock their creative side. This is great for teams looking to innovate and generate fresh ideas.

4. Feeling valued: With our high-quality corporate outdoor activities, staff recognise that time and money have been invested in their success. That feeling of appreciation not only motivates at the office but also inspires loyalty.

5. It’s fun! Can you think of a more rewarding day at work than being outside in the summer sun, with the smells of the BBQ cooking and your team laughing as they take part in fun, wacky challenges as part of their outdoor team building event?

We believe in strengthening team bonds

Did you know that outdoor team building activities can be used in different ways to enhance events and strengthen team bonds?

Full Day Outside

Such as The Crystal Clear Challenge and Country Pursuits are perfect for an entire day, giving ample time to strengthen the team - perfect for departmental and team away days.

Compliments Your Conference

Such as Plan Bee and Soap Box Derby play an engaging and fun part after or before conferences or corporate events; fitting into your agenda to aid team collaboration and motivate delegates.

Family Fun In The Sun

Such as inflatable games and circus skills workshops are ideal for corporate family fun days and fetes, where you can reward staff and families together and really increase employee morale.

fun and inspiring for you and your colleagues

The majority of our outdoor team building games can be delivered at convenient locations and venues across the UK and can even be used as a fun way to get more familiar with an area – such as our high-tech treasure hunts.

You can choose to have competitive or non-competitive activities depending on your objectives. Every member of your team will enjoy taking part because we tailor each event to suit the abilities, ages and group numbers of your team.

So, whatever the reason for holding corporate games outdoors, you can be sure our ideas for outdoor team building are not only designed to meet the objectives of your business, but are also fun and inspiring for both you and your colleagues.


Got a question about an outdoor activity? Need some extra info for your corporate away day? Then look no further than our handy FAQ's..

We say, a little rain can make your day even more exciting! However, if the forecast is particularly unpleasant or if your team would rather not get too wet or cold, then many of our activities can also be run indoors.

We always check the forecast before an outdoor team building event and will discuss contingency plans with you, including the option for a different indoor activity that is just as fun and will still meet your business objectives.

You can be confident in our thorough health and safety procedures and checks for all events.

We provide:

  • Safety briefings
  • Full risk assessments
  • Regular maintenance on equipment
  • Appropriate public liability insurance up to £5 million
  • Onsite first aid event staff
  • Safety equipment for each participant is also provided where required

Yes, we do. If you’ve been tasked with organising your outdoor team building, but don’t know where to start, simply leave it with us.

We organise the entire day, keeping you informed at every step.

We will provide:

  • A dedicated event manager to ensure your the whole day runs smoothly
  • Experienced event staff to facilitate each team building activity and make sure everyone is having a great time

The experts at Eventurous ensure participants are kept to your agenda and the whole day runs as planned.

This allows you the freedom to enjoy the activities along with colleagues, while we take care of every other aspect and make sure your away day is one to remember - for the right reasons!

National coverage, specialised local service.

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