City Explorer Scavenger Hunt

Our latest hybrid GPS scavenger hunt team building challenge for groups of 10 - 2000+

Team, Time, Terrain & Trivia

Take a break from the office and experience the great outdoors in our latest GPS Scavenger Hunt team building activity. Using your mobile device, take part in a whole host of exciting and fast-paced puzzles and tasks. Utilising both live and virtual elements to create a unique and interactive group event for 10 - 2000+ employees.


Explore some of the key features of our latest City Explorer GPS Scavenger Hunt Challenge.


Our Scavenger Hunt boasts a variety of puzzles and brain teasers guaranteed to keep your team engaged from start to finish.


Experience some custom photo and video challenges that are guaranteed to bring hilarious results!

Collaborate & Have Fun

Get out of work and harness your creative and collaborative skills with a series of fun trivia and timed questions.

Any Size or Place

Customisable for all occasions. Ideal for large groups of 10 - 1000+ and delivered in any outdoor location. The choice is well and truly yours!

Hosted virtually

Utilising your chosen video streaming platform, our Event Manager will be on hand to provide ongoing support throughout your adventure.

Unique & Interactive Team Building

Adventure awaits with our latest Smart Phone Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

Grab your map, put on your backpack and channel your inner-city explorer with our latest interactive, points-based team building activity.

This is your opportunity to explore the historical sights and landmarks of your chosen city, enhance team collaboration and have some outdoor fun!

Armed only with a mobile device, you must navigate across your chosen metropolis and complete a series of fun and engaging challenges.

Key features include:

  • Live leaderboard
  • Bespoke questions that can be company branded
  • Engaging puzzles that encourage collaboration and creativity

We love talking events! Get in touch with our events team or call 020 8051 9900

Just £250 set up + £15 per person + VAT

Remotely Hosted Live event

Hosted by our expert Event Manager via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meets, your team will experience live, creative and competitive scenarios designed to encourage creativity and teamwork.

An entertaining finale will be broadcast using your chosen video platform where each team's photos and videos will be streamed live for everyone to see, leading to some hilarious results!

Simple to set up, easy to play and hard to leave!

What Happens In The City Explorer?

We take a closer look at what goes into making the City Explorer GPS Scavenger Hunt a success..


Using a video streaming platform of your choice, our Event Manager will organise:

  • Introductory brief
  • Technical support
  • Final slideshow
  • Awards & prizes


Treat your colleagues to a live team building experience outside the office.

  • Bespoke puzzles & challenges
  • Any outdoor location
  • Photo & video tasks
  • Company-branded options


It doesn't finish when the event is over. See below for some great benefits:

  • Stronger employees
  • Better relationships
  • More motivated team members
  • Photos and videos


Got a burning question before you book your event? Then you may just find the answer right here..

We cater for any group size. We are not limited by a maximum number of participants and are fully flexible with large groups.

The event has been created to last for approximately 2 hours. This includes the initial briefing and final slideshow.

Our latest GPS Scavenger Hunt challenge utilises both live and virtual elements. You and your team will experience live interaction while navigating across your chosen city. Your host will be on hand to help support your adventure via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Case Studies

Explore some of our case studies from our valued clients.

Why Eventurous?
  • 30 years’ experience
  • Prompt response time
  • Professional and friendly team
  • Bespoke team building events
  • Conferences, awards and gala dinners
  • Free venue finding service
  • 1000’s of happy clients

'The inter-regional team work we have seen following the event has been great, especially with communication between individuals that would not normally have exposure to each other..'

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