Uniquely designed by Eventurous as a powerful indoor team building tool, Scaling the Heights is a fast-paced race against the clock to solve a series of inventive conundrums and puzzles.
Event Benefits:
  • Enhance co-operation, problem-solving skills and time management
  • Leadership skills are developed through planning, delegating and organisation
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
Participant No: 10-300
Event Duration: 1 -2 hours

The key for this team challenge is strategy – working together to achieve points by solving brain teasers that unlock information on a designated electronic system.

These points are vital to claim blocks and construct your team tower… but be warned, you’ll need some impressive negotiating skills in order to access the right blocks from opposing teams to create a tower that scales the heights for success!

This indoor strategic team building activity is great for adding to events as it suits all group sizes and venues. Inclusive for all and with high levels of participation, this activity will have all team members completely immersed in winning the challenge; without even realising they are enhancing essential organisational and problem-solving skills.

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