Are your staff the superheroes of the business? Then they will love our Picture That indoor activity, where teams get to feature in their very own comic strip.
Event Benefits:
  • Break down barriers and build rapport
  • Create fun memories and improve team morale
  • Clearly communicate new messages and strategies
Participant Number: 12 -160
Event Duration: 1 -2.5 hours

Using imagination, props, a tablet and camera, teams will create fun scenes that follow a pre-determined story. With guidance from our instructors and use of specialist software, groups will then transform the images into a realistic comic strip… possibly with a few sprinklings of KAPOW or SHAZAM!

Each team will work on their own sections of the company comic, however it’s not until the final team pages are complete and put together, that the real storyline is revealed with humorous results.

Picture That includes:

  • A professionally hosted activity
  • Photographic tutorials
  • Costumes and props
  • Audio visual set display
  • All necessary technical equipment
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