Useful Checklist for Hiring Conference Organisers [2020]

Do you have the responsibility to arrange an important conference in the UK?

We know how stressful it can be to take on such an immense task (and that was before a global pandemic!) From 2020, conferences will never quite be the same. Sanitising and safety features will take priority, with more virtual options to consider as employees embrace remote working.

It makes perfect sense then, to hire a specialist agency such as a UK based conference organiser with the skills to organise and deliver your conference in a way that will suit your needs and prioritise the safety of your attendees.

To help you in your journey of finding the right event organiser, we’ve put together a brief checklist of things to look out for:

Useful checklist when deciding on a UK conference organiser:


Look for event planners with conference experience. Years of planning, designing and delivering conferences will ensure they have the relevant skills and resources available, including contingency plans to address any potential issues.

Safety Operations?

Health and safety of all attendees to your conference or event should be paramount. The conference organiser will ensure the event meets all guidelines and restrictions for its location. They should be willing to liaise with the venue to ensure sanitising, track and trace options and all necessary risk assessments relating to activities at the venue.

Positive Feedback?

In this day and age, we all know reviews are everything. How have businesses like yours benefitted from the conference services offered by this agency? Do the images and videos of previous conferences meet your expectations?

Hybrid and Virtual Options?

Looking to cut costs for your conference and interact with remote workers without sacrificing engagement? Check that your conference organiser is able to offer virtual solutions that live stream or broadcast speakers in a professional capacity, removing hefty transport, accommodation and catering costs.


Does the conference agency provide services to your geographical area? Are they able to provide a free venue finding service to identify the best possible location for your conference and at the right price? The best agencies will have a strong database of venue contacts to ensure you receive a wide range of suitable options.

Audio Visual and Venue Solutions?

It is a huge positive if your selected event agency can deal with all the technical aspects of the conference, including AV equipment, vision, sound, stage, lighting and set design. This can save you the hassle of lengthy research and identifying additional suppliers.


UK conference organisers who are serious about attaining a high quality level of service to their clients will likely achieve an accreditation to prove their commitment. Look out for quality mark logos such as AIM, ABPCO, AIEA and EVCOM.

Green Events and Sustainability?

Consider agencies that are committed to minimising the impact on the environment. This may be through their daily operations, plastic reduction initiatives and virtual conference solutions that reduce carbon footprints. This is also a nice marketing feature for your conference; proving that your brand takes its corporate social responsibility seriously.

Marketing Support?

Some conference organisers offer additional marketing and branding services. Look out for agencies that provide branded gifts, custom webpages and booking portals, professional video presentations, printed collateral and more.

WOW Factor?

Last but not least, consider how your conference organiser can help your event make a positive impact on everyone who attends. Do they offer an element of fun, team building, entertainment, acts or performers for your event that will ‘wow’ your attendees?

Identifying the right conference organiser doesn’t have to be confusing. As a specialist events agency we understand that a well-designed and delivered conference can have a powerful impact; driving home your message and creating loyal ambassadors for your business. So we hope this checklist helps support you in selecting the right events agency for you.

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