Treasure Hunt Events

Team Treasure Hunts

One of our most popular team building activities, the treasure hunt never fails to get the competitive spirit going in teams! It strikes the right balance with fun, team work, can include product knowledge or key values and can focus on communication and time management.

All of our Treasure Hunt options utilise state-of-the-art mobile technology in order for teams to find and locate a range of checkpoints and waypoints, discover clues and information and bonus team photo shoot.  Teams will also attempt challenging fun games and activities hosted by our treasure hunt event team members located at hidden locations.

The hunt culminates in teams opening their Cryptex tubes with the clues and information they have gained along the way to win the treasure!

Bespoke Treasure Hunts 

A bespoke corporate company treasure hunt is a proven way for you to promote a company product launch, reinforce participant’s knowledge of your business and industry, promote corporate social responsibility or just have fun!  The content of a bespoke treasure hunt is exclusively designed by using your product launch or business message throughout the event. A bespoke company treasure hunt can be based within any of our treasure hunt options listed below ranging from being airborne, land or water based.

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Bicycle Treasure Hunts 

The ultimate in pedal power treasure hunts! If you’re looking for a really uplifting energetic treasure hunt then this is the choice for you. We offer two bicycle treasure hunt options here for you to choose. For the really energetic it’s time to get ‘On Your Bike’ as we supply everyone with a cycle and all the kit. Great sporting fun that really gets the pulse racing! For those who want to take it slightly easier then our ‘Pedal Bus’ treasure hunts are a great option. Climb on board the pedal bus which has a seating configuration similar to dining table creating socially fun treasure hunt transport!

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Boat Treasure Hunts 

A Rib is a rigid inflatable boat designed for the outgoing thrill seekers amongst us! Are you ready for this adrenalin pumped treasure hunt challenge? Teams will be blasted across the water on these fast and furious inflatables in a race against time to complete the challenges, tasks and deadlines of this water and land based treasure hunt. Our Rib treasure hunts are available at UK coastal and in-land locations.

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City Treasure Hunts 

We can run our treasure hunts in any city in the UK and Europe. A city treasure hunt is ideal to get your guests out and about exploring their surroundings other than the hotel conference suite or meeting room. Utilising city infrastructure such as famous places, land marks, hot spots, attractions and transport systems allows for a real diverse treasure quest within the hustle and bustle of a busy environment. Take advantage of some wonderful renowned city locations aswell as some secret hidden gems just off the beaten track in this fun exploratory treasure hunt.

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GPS Treasure Hunts 

With an interactive twist our Global Positioning System treasure hunts are absolutely fantastic for holding the event in some of the countries really obscure locations and rural venues. This system will pinpoint hidden clues and treasure within feet of its hiding place, making it a perfect choice for literally any location of your choice. Our GPS treasure hunt challenges, tasks and clues can only be solved when teams locate the exact GPS Waypoint location. Route planning and time management skills are imperative as teams master this state-of-the-art mobile technology.

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Helicopter Treasure Hunts 

Ever thought about jumping into a helicopter and flying off on a treasure hunt? Well you can! A helicopter treasure hunt will give your guests an experience they will remember for a long time. This is a great choice of event for rewarding and motivating your staff or a superb way of saying thank you for their hard work and commitment. Teams of upto four people will have the use of ordnance maps and reference materials to solve a number of clues to direct their pilot on their chosen route and location. If you have a company team that deserves a memorable day out, then this is the one.

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Mini Cooper Treasure Hunts 

Teams get the chance to get behind the wheel of these sporty little run arounds! Our Mini Cooper treasure hunts are great fun for everyone involving road mapping, route planning and back seat driving! On the day our event team will be on hand to deliver an exciting briefing and offer full event assistance and support throughout the day’s treasure hunt. Taking place over a wide area this treasure hunt option really does allow your group to get out and about to discover interesting locations and checkpoints along the way. The hunt culminates in all the Minis meeting back at the rendezvous point for teams to collate their finds and an exciting presentation of the team results.

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Scavenger Treasure Hunts 

Can your team find the cheapest item on sale? Can you get a photo of a local celebrity? The scavenger treasure hunt will get your teams using their entrepreneurial skills to interact, barter and trade with the public aswell as attempting to wheel and deal with our very own scavenger hunt characters! The race against the clock begins with teams locating checkpoints to find out the scavenger locations and to challenge for the all important precious items.


Taxi Treasure Hunts 

No need to walk, just hail a cab! Teams will be designated their very own black cab and cabbie! With the use of GPS (and a very knowledgeable driver!) teams fly through the streets locating our checkpoints and treasure spots. Time management and route planning is essential as this becomes a really competitive treasure hunt as teams attempt to arrive at the destinations to complete their challenge before jumping back in to race to the next. A really fun option and a great way to explore and socialise.

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Venue Treasure Hunts 

Our venue treasure hunts can be set up in your company grounds, a hotel or any other suitable meeting venue. This style of treasure hunt is ideal for an event ice breaker or conference break out activity. The advantage of this on-site treasure hunt is its flexibility. It can be designed around 1-2 hours duration tailored to meet your day’s itinerary. Designed around fun and interactive team work our venue treasure hunts will engage and motivate your team.

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One of our most popular team building activities, the treasure hunt never fails to get the competitive spirit going in teams! It strikes the right balance with fun, team work, can include product knowledge or key values and can focus on communication and time management.

With an Eventurous Treasure Hunt……………Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to navigate your path around your chosen venue and the local area, on a secret covert operation.

A fiendish number of obstacles and checkpoints await your team.  The teams will also have to solve cryptic clues, which will lead them around the area of the treasure hunt.

What is included in the Treasure Hunts?

All the teams will receive a treasure hunt pack which will contain all the information and equipment they will require to complete the task.

A map of the area local to your chosen venue or city will be in the team pack, with this map will be a series of clues which leads them on a treasure hunt.

The corporate treasure hunt teams will have to solve the clues to locate the checkpoints where they will have to answer a question and take a photograph to prove they have found the location.

As well as the check points each team works to a timetable to locate and tackle the team challenges which have to be accomplished within a time constraint. Team crystals can awarded to each team according to the degree of success they have on each challenge.

A corporate treasure hunt can be a fun, cost effective and inspirational team building day that gets people working together and builds relationships that can carry over to their working day.

Why not consider treasure hunt with vehicles, we can provide anything from Mini’s for 4 to Limo’s for 10.