A Day In The Life of An Event Manager in Brighton

Ever wondered what it’s like to live the glitz and glam life of an event manager and travel around the UK? Our new blog series takes you on the journey of a real life event manager doing just that. Days as an event manager are fast paced and can mean long unsociable hours – so why do people choose event management as a career? The answer is simple, because they love being a part of an experience that brings people together to collaborate and connect and let’s face it as far as jobs go, each day is different, it’s fun and the perks are great! Who wouldn’t want to travel and see what the world has to offer whilst staying at swanky hotels, meeting new people and getting fed by happy clients?

To give all you prosecting event profs real time insight, we’ve created a series of blogs from the perspective of an Eventurous event manager visiting locations across the UK. We start the series with Event Manager Kurt and his trip to Brighton to host an iPad Treasure Hunt team building event for a group of 45 people.

Kurt, can you tell our readers about the event you travelled to Brighton for?

“As technical event manager with a passion for all things technology, I spend the majority of the summer out on the road, travelling all over the UK and sometimes internationally, delivering our popular Team Building iPad Treasure Hunts. A client came to us wanting a way to get their employees outdoors, enjoying the summer sunshine and building strong bonds, so our iPad Treasure Hunt was a perfect fit.”

Kurt continues, “iPad Treasure Hunts use GPS technology to enable small and large groups to split into teams and explore their chosen city, in this case Brighton, in search of hotspots containing fun challenges where they can win points and battle for top spot on the leaderboard. I love working on Treasure Hunts as I get to see all of the photos and videos taken in challenges as they start to pile in and some really are hilarious, you can see how much fun everyone is having!”

Kurt, what would you say is a perk of being an event manager out on the road?

“There are a few perks, free food from generous clients and discounts on overnight stays at some quirky and stylish hotels! I will never say no to free food or a nice comfy bed. Not to mention it’s not only the participants who get to see the sights. As Eventurous is a sustainable event agency, I regularly travel by train, which means I get to explore on foot too. Brighton Pier was the highlight of this trip for me, and the weather made it a great day not to be in the office! Seeing the buzz of Brighton Beach and Pier on a hot summer’s day doesn’t feel like work, as a man who loves arcade games and ice cream, I was in my element! It’s safe to say my colleagues back at the office got a few gloating photos of my day on the beach.”

Can you describe a typical day in the life of an event manager in Brighton?

“So, I start out early in the morning, usually earlier than I’d like but I can’t complain as I usually get home early too depending on where I am. Brighton is quite the trek so I had overnight accommodation at Malmaison Hotel, right on Brighton Marina. The night before the event I sat down on the outside terrace overlooking the marina. I enjoyed a lovely meal for one, which again as a man who loves food, zero complaints here! I even treated myself to a glass of wine and sticky toffee pudding – vital when maximum energy is required for a busy event the following day

Kurt continues, “After a good sleep (thanks to the glass of wine and sound of crashing waves) I set off early in the morning to brief the employees taking part in the team building activity at Brighton Racecourse. Some briefings are held in an office, but this one was interesting as it was held in a stunning venue overlooking the coast of Sussex. With the sun shining and the views outside it really set everyone up for an fun day, you could see the excitement on everyone’s face!”

“Once the teams were geared up with iPads they headed out on their treasure hunt! The Sussex Slayers was my personal favourite team name that day as I like an illteration so points for that. The teams usually explore for around an hour and a half, giving me plenty of time to spy on their challenges and dish out bonus points as they go. Popular photo opportunities included Brighton Pier, Brighton Beach and the Royal Pavilion – some better than others but that’s what makes it fun to judge, I feel like im on the hunt with them!”

“After much belly laughter to myself watching various movie reenactments and photos at popular Brighton spots with random aimals and people in uniform, time was up so I dashed across Brighton to the very nice West Beach Bar and Restaurant on Lower Kings Road for the grand finale. A beautiful day for soaking up the sights of Brighton and hitting 10,000 steps, burning off all the ice cream. I didn’t realise Brighton was more than just seaside, I passed St Nicholas Rest Park and The Level, both stunning green parks brimming with runners and walkers!”

“On arrival at the award-winning seafood restaurant, I set up to give a presentation of the funniest moments of the hunt, followed by medals for the winning team and a few refreshments anda bite of food curtesy of a very happy and grateful client.”

Kurt, did you keep any souvenirs from your travels to Brighton?

“Well, now you mention it I do like to take a little sovennier home when I get time to shop for one. At the end of this particular event in Brighton, I made my way to the Train Station, to finally put my feet up and relax, but not before making a pit stop at The Seven Cellers Shop inside the station for some of Brighton’s finest craft beer to add to my collection!”

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