Treasure Hunt

Team Treasure Hunt

One of our most popular team building activities, the treasure hunt never fails to get the competitive spirit going in teams! It strikes the right balance with fun, team work, can include product knowledge or key values and can focus on communication and time management.

With an Eventurous Treasure Hunt.…………..Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to navigate your path around your chosen venue and the local area, on a secret covert operation.

A fiendish number of obstacles and checkpoints await your team.  The teams will also have to solve cryptic clues, which will lead them around the area of the treasure hunt.

What is included in the Treasure Hunts?

All the teams will receive a treasure hunt pack which will contain all the information and equipment they will require to complete the task.

A map of the area local to your chosen venue or city will be in the team pack, with this map will be a series of clues which leads them on a treasure hunt.

The corporate treasure hunt teams will have to solve the clues to locate the checkpoints where they will have to answer a question and take a photograph to prove they have found the location.

As well as the check points each team works to a timetable to locate and tackle the team challenges which have to be accomplished within a time constraint. Team crystals can awarded to each team according to the degree of success they have on each challenge.

A corporate treasure hunt can be a fun, cost effective and inspirational team building day that gets people working together and builds relationships that can carry over to their working day.

Why not consider treasure hunt with vehicles, we can provide anything from Mini’s for 4 to Limo’s for 10.