10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Tipi for Your Next Business Event

As an event planner you may be being asked to consider planning the next work event outdoors but where do you start with searching for the perfect outdoor venue and what if it rains?! Tipi venues offer a weatherproof solution to outdoor events and are a new favourite for work summer parties.
Corporate event experts Eventurous have seen demand for outdoor events dramatically accelerate over the last two years.

Sales Manager at Eventurous, Jessica Kendrick believes that “We are seeing a cultural shift in attitude around the importance of having healthy and happy teams. Outdoor events are a great way to support these rising values and develop teams at the same time.”

Stats from the corporate event experts show that enquiries for large outdoor events, with a budget above £10,000 have increased approximately 26% in the last year and as a result, venue sourcing requests for unique venues that truly engage and inspire audiences has also risen.

So why do tipis make the perfect outdoor event space?

Here we have the top 10 reasons why event planners are choosing a tipi for work events:

1. Blank Canvas

Tipi venues are neutral and earthy in design and offer a blank canvas for your event, unlike some more corporate venues. Pretty much any style suits a tipi, hence why they are popular for a variety of contrasting events from weddings to festivals. Incorporate your brand and messaging throughout or a chosen event theme, popular themes for tipis include festival, circus, carnival and sustainability. From life size festival letters to fairground rides and foliage the only limit is your imagination when you hold your event in a tipi.

Inside tipi venue

2. Indoor & Outdoor Space

Giant tipi venues are just that – Giant! With tall ceilings, catering tents, decking and even a snug area. Our midland’s-based tipi has plenty of room for team building activities, stalls, stages, rides, dance floors, catering and more. It is also a flexible space, allowing different break out areas to be set up for conferences and meetings. Really show off your multi-tasking skills by offering your guests variety and arranging team games and activities outside whilst having refreshments and entertainment inside – the choice is yours with multiple spaces to tailor to your vision.

3. Motivational & Inspiring

Studies show that the average working adult spends a shocking 34 years of their lives looking at screens… Geez! A change of environment from something less formal to something at one with nature can ignite creativity and inspire collaboration. So instead of taking the people attending your event to yet another corporate setting, give them the tools to feel refreshed, motivated and inspired with a tipi.

4. Eco-Friendly

Outdoor events can help reduce carbon emissions in some cases and more businesses are looking for greener venues to help them achieve their own sustainability goals. Tipi venues are popular with sustainably conscious businesses due to their ability to be more eco-friendly due to their typically rural location. When looking at tipi venues, go for one that is sustainably accredited, like our Warwickshire based tipi to give you piece of mind.

5. Weather-Proof Solutions

We all know you can’t rely on the unpredictable British weather! Tipis are the perfect way to offer a covered option for outdoor team building activities and events, and events and can be fully heated to combat cold winds. Open the sides and bring the outdoors in, making the most of rural settings without having to compromise on comfort. It’s also a shaded space to escape the sun on hot days, without being cut off from the rest of the group.

Weatherproof Tipi

6. Memorable Moments

If you’re looking to make an impact at your next team away day or corporate festival, then holding it at a tipi promises make the day memorable. A unique option for events, tipi venues have that mesmerising wow factor and often come with rustic interiors, ambience lighting and even a firepit, all of which can create a whole new and unforgettable experience for most visiting.

7. Festival Favourite

Our earlier blog explains the many benefits to the festivalisation of corporate events and tipis are a favourite when it comes to selecting a venue due to its authentic festival look and feel and versatile space that can be turned into a colourful frenzy of fun!

8. Engaging Outdoor Activities

Holding business events in a tipi is a great way to mix in some fun evening entertainment and team building activities that will keep guests engaged and enthusiastic for the whole day. The open sides and large entryways of a tipi create a simple flow that allows easy access between interior and exterior spaces. Our very own midland’s located tipi has an outdoor sound system and dining area so you can keep the atmosphere upbeat and lively through the duration of your event.

Outdoor Tipi Games

9. Never Ending Event Inspiration

Tipi event venues are proving even more popular because they provide the ideal backdrop and combined indoor/outdoor solution to a huge range of events, particularly for large groups. Popular uses include corporate festivals, family fun days, company celebrations and product launches. One tipi can be sectioned into multiple spaces to accommodate stalls, stands and activities.

With atmospheric lighting and live entertainment you can transition seamlessly into the evening, giving your guests a second dose of WOW with a completely different ambience.

10. Supports Employee Wellbeing

In a recent report around employee mental health and wellbeing, Chief Exec of Leading Mental Health Charity, Headspace, stated that “There’s no more important action today’s CEOs can take than investing in the mental health of their teams. It’s not only the right thing to do – but it’s also beneficial to the bottom line.”
Studies have also shown that being outdoors can help improve mood and therefore productivity. A tipi venue provides a unique opportunity to have the element of outdoors incorporated throughout the entire duration of your event, helping your business to reap even more benefits than a typical venue would.

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