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Discover inspiring team building activities and unforgettable adventures, tailored to your needs for amazing results. Create memories that bond, ignite performance or just have a laugh with colleagues – whatever your objectives, we have the perfect solution for every corporate event.
Top Team Building Events

Weather-proof team building events are the ideal addition to any activity day, conference or meeting agenda. As an experienced team building company, Eventurous tailor indoor activities to meet your specific business needs; creating highly engaging experiences that reinforce corporate messages.

Don’t worry though, our team building events are far from mundane! Your colleagues will be thrilled to take part in activities such as:

So if you are looking to insure your away day against the unpredictable UK weather, then get in touch with one of our experts today on 01827 215 200

Engaging Team Building Activities

For team building activities with high adrenalin excitement to a bit of friendly fun, you can rely on our inspiring collection of engaging events.

We pride ourselves on being a company that knows exactly how to put together corporate team building activities that ignite positivity and create lasting memories that strengthen team bonds.

Each outdoor event can be tailored to suit a wide range group sizes with differing abilities, ensuring every member of your team is included and depart the day feeling valued, inspired and full of enthusiasm.

Intriguing Ideas For Team Building

Need some unique team building ideas or just looking for inspiration? Then check out some of our tried and tested suggestions like your own quiz show or game show, a great choice for after a conference or your team is ready to relax after their away day events.

You also can’t really go wrong with a professional icebreaker or energiser activity. Perfect for warming up your audience and setting the stage for your event. Each expertly devised icebreaker will break down barriers and create a welcoming atmosphere that will continue throughout your corporate team building event.

When energy starts to fade after lunch or towards the end of your event, you can refresh your guests with a lively energiser activity. Some team building ideas include the irresistible Samba drums to the unique Haka war dance - you’ll be sure to make an impact that will ignite fresh enthusiasm!

Corporate Team Building Activities

As a professional team building company, we believe that inspired people, perform better. So, for optimal results for your corporate team building activities, it’s worth exploring our highly effective team development options.

Specially designed for corporate team building events, these activities enable employees to achieve new levels of success through inspiring content that works to:

  • Improve team performance
  • Manage change
  • Inspire teamwork
  • Develop future leaders for success


Got a burning question before you book your team building event? Then you may just find the answer right here..

Absolutely. It’s always a good idea to invest in your people and prove how much you value their hard work. When team building activities are conducted correctly by experienced professionals, they create a positive and noticeable difference in the workplace.

"When members of a work team are supported and motivated to benefit others, those teams are higher performing. Moreover, its members remain in their teams for longer periods."
- Study from Notre Dame and the University of Illinois published in the Academy of Management

Feedback from our clients show that morale and productivity increases following specifically designed corporate team building events, along with a renewed sense of camaraderie and brand loyalty.  

We have seen it for ourselves… inspired, motivated people, perform better and make your business stronger. The only way to benefit, is to try it out!

Holding team building activities in the workplace requires appropriate space, suitable accessibility and is dependent on the type of activity requested.  We will do our best to accommodate your requirements, however we do offer great venue options that are convenient to your location.

We can take care of all your venue requirements to make the process easier. Simply tell us the locations you prefer for your team building activity and we will provide you with indoor and outdoor venue options to suit your needs. Before booking a team building day, we will require a suitable venue for your chosen activities.

Some ideal location venue include:

- Hotel and conference venues
- Converted barns and farms for outdoor events
- Stately homes and estates
- Rugby and football clubs
- Rivers and lakes for water-based activities

If you are based in the Midlands, you can also choose Mythe Farm where Eventurous is based. Our location includes 150 acres of farmland with fields, rivers and the exclusive Mythe Barn event facilities:

Our charges are not priced per head. The pricing we provide is a fixed rate package cost. This way you can be sure that what we quote, is what you pay. We provide each quote in a written proposal so you  can see a breakdown of the costs for each element of the day.

This usually includes:

  • The amount of delegates
  • Duration of the event
  • Equipment included
  • Team support
  • All consumables and equipment
  • Public liability and Health & Safety documents


Because each team building event is created bespoke for you, we are happy to include company messages or branding. We even customise games, such as the high-tech treasure hunt to include questions around your business, industry or product line. Whatever you require – we have a great solution available.

Some examples of branding at our events include:

  • Logo on the screen for Ipad treasure hunts
  • Bespoke questions on interactive, quizzes and game shows
  • Company banners brought along and installed at the event
  • Branded t-shirts and hats worn at the event
  • Brand themes on a bespoke app
  • Bespoke website for booking and voting


Find out more before you choose the best activities for your corporate away day..


Corporate team building ideas provided by Eventurous are different. Not only are they unique and imaginative, but they are also genuinely fun; evoking laughter while at the same time revealing hidden talents and strengths.

If the idea of a team building day immediately makes you think of flipcharts, trust-falls and other awkward encounters that fill you with dread – then it’s time to think again.

Much more than just a social experience, we tailor each activity around specific objectives.

A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product”
– Richard Branson


Would you like to improve team bonding, increase productivity, ignite ambition or perhaps provide some fun for your employees as a reward for some hard work? Not only can we recommend the right team bonding ideas but we tailor it to suit your preferences, the abilities and ages of each person and the type of experience you’d like.

This means that every event we create is unique and when you depart, we are confident you will notice the difference in the workplace - giving you a great return on your investment.

To identify the best ideas to encourage team bonding for your industry or objective it’s best to speak to us. We pride ourselves in being able to recommend the best options, using every ounce of our 30+ years’ experience as a team building company to identify events that are ideal for you.


As a one-stop shop for all your event requirements, we can make the whole process of choosing, booking and delivering your team building event easy and quick.

After 30 years in the business, Eventurous have a WEALTH of resources, meaning you can leave everything in our hands.

We take care of all

So you won’t have to worry about additional third-party costs or arrangements.


We also understand that everyone has a set budget for team building days. We work with your budgets to identify the right ideas to meet your objectives while still providing a high-quality experience.

Whether you’re looking to hold team building activities in an office, in the city, at an outdoor open space or a hotel near to you – we can accommodate your needs at suitable venues right across the UK.

With Eventurous, you’ll always find a team building activity that is fun, unique and suitable for your team. In fact, if you have an unusual team building idea and don’t see it on our A-Z list – then ask us about creating it bespoke for you! We love a challenge.

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