Take your team back to where myth and legend collide, in this enthralling medieval team building event and epic battle.
Event Benefits:
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
  • Create fun memories and improve team morale
  • Improve teamwork to help boost productivity
Participant No: 32-200 (4 to 24 teams)
Event Duration: 2.5hrs to full day

With the sights, sounds and adventure of the middle ages, your brave knights will take on medieval themed challenges where creativity, physical fitness and mental ability are required to prevail against your opponents.

The ideal option for a full or half day of activities, our medieval team event accommodates large group numbers and is perfectly suited to historic venues or at our very own atmospheric Mythe Farm, in the Midlands.

Medieval marvel team building includes:

  • Battle Cry – the first challenge for the teams is to complete a chant, haka or war cry that will intimidate your opposition before the battle has even commenced
  • The Loose Archers – As the key to successful battles, your team will learn to handle this medieval weapon with skill and accuracy.
  • Blades of Glory – Overpower your enemies in this exciting axe throwing challenge
  • Da Vinci Bridge Build – Get your army to the battlefield using engineering and team work to build an ingenious bridge from the materials provided.
  • Team Juggle – Keep spirits high with the fun and entertainment of a medieval jester, as your team learns to juggle in this challenge with a twist.
  • Medi-Evil Cerebral – Knowledge is power as teams compete to identify key battles and claim bonus ammunition
  • Finale Team Challenge – Which team will conquer their foe by building a catapult and firing their earned ammunition furthest into the battle line.
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