From the first time the iconic crowd formation adverts surfaced in the 90s, we’ve watched in amazement as crowds of people join together in synchronised fashion, moving into position to form amazing shapes, logos and even winking faces. Now your workforce can recreate those fascinating displays in our human logo challenge.
Event Benefits:
  • Celebrate achievements and generate brand awareness
  • Enhance co-operation, problem-solving skills and time management
  • Create fun memories and improve team morale
Participant Number: 20 - 2000
Event Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Incredible to watch, but even more fun to participate, our human logo challenge brings every member of staff together to create amazing crowd art; transforming open fields and spaces into company logos and meaningful shapes that deliver key messages.

Wearing outfits that feature the needed colours to create your image of choice, each team member will learn where to walk and position themselves with carefully choreographed movements.

After a couple of practices, we then launch a drone into the sky to film the final spectacle as dedicated staff seamlessly join together to form a human logo.

Ideal for future marketing promotions, not only do you receive a top-quality production video for business use, but you also benefit from a fun team activity that brings everyone together, including remote workers, to share in this exciting, memorable experience.

A great addition to corporate away days, this team challenge works well with large crowd numbers, delivering fantastic results for years to come.

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