Choosing Team Building Events for Employees Who Don’t Like Team Building.

We’ve all seen the horror stories of team building events done wrong – well-meaning managers pulling people together to perform humiliating dance routines or activities that are more ‘survival of the fittest’ than building bonds.

The residual anxiety of these disastrous attempts can leave employees more than apprehensive when an invite to the annual team building day comes through. So when you’ve been given the dreaded task of coming up with team building ideas, where do you start?

We’ve had a look at some common complaints employees have voiced and the best way to avoid them for your event.

Although I was required to be at the Team Building day, I wasn’t able to participate in a lot of the physical activities. It left me feeling unimportant and like a spare part.

There are a number of reasons an employee may be unable to participate in a team building task, from medical reasons to religious or personal beliefs. When you’re planning team building events for a varied group try and choose an activity where everyone can get involved.

Activities like our Mobile Escape Rooms require a wide range of skills, so are great for including all your employees. If you do have a team with various requirements and aren’t sure of the best options, just get in touch and we can advise on the best activities for your needs.

Escape Room
Activities like our Escape Rooms require a wide range of skills

“I’m really conscious in front of people and I was just left feeling humiliated”

It’s important to remember, not everyone is comfortable putting themselves out there, so team activities that involve a lot of attention on one person can be difficult and daunting for some.

An great activity where everyone works in small groups, such as our treasure hunt team building activities is a great way to get everyone involved, including those who might normally hide at the back.

iPad Treasure Hunt
Our iPad Treasure Hunt is a great way to get people involved who might normally hide at the back

“I’m not as physically fit as a lot of the team and was often left behind”

Sports activities can be great fun but not so much for those who aren’t as comfortable with physical activity. Team building is really diverse now and plays on a wide variety of skills and strengths.

How about trying Virtual Olympics – a themed-event that appeals to sports fans and those less enthusiastic. Virtual Olympics allows employees to participate in team building games either as teams or in a social, free play environment, making sure everyone can enjoy themselves and no one is left behind.

Virtual Olympics
Virtual Olympics is a great team building event that appeals to sports fans and those less enthusiastic

“We were required to hold hands as part of a trust exercise and I’m just not comfortable with physical contact”

It’s often an awkward situation when something like this happens. Whether its phobias or personal preference, some people just don’t want to be touched and a negative experience can put the team away day on the ‘no’ list for life. Luckily, it is now much more than ‘trust falls’ or ‘making chains’.

Get employees using their problem-solving skills in our crime scene investigation events where they will work in groups to solve a murder and exonerate their wrongly accused colleague.

CSI event
Get employees using their problem-solving skills in our CSI Events

So, when planning your corporate event, there’s a few key things to remember:

Inclusivity – Team building means involving the whole team. Pick activities that everyone can comfortably participate in.

Fun – it’s a tough one but making sure the activity is fun for all is important to keep everyone engaged. Karaoke may be great for the more confident members of the team, but will everyone participate and enjoy it?

Ability –Make sure you’re aware of any requirements that might make it difficult for everyone to be involved. If people must count themselves out, it can leave them feeling demotivated and excluded.

Weather – Finally, if the weather is looking poor, opt for indoor team building to avoid a washout!

For help planning your event and ensure everyone has a great time, just get in touch! We have a huge variety of activities to choose from and can help you choose the one that’s right for your team.