Why Should You Use An Event Management Company?

What is Event Management?

Event Management, in short, is the process of planning an event. This can be any type of event, whether hosted virtually, hybrid or in-person. The scope of each project undertaken by an event planner depends on the industry, company size, and more.

There are many benefits to hiring a fantastic events management company to manage your corporate events.

Managing a large event is costly and time-consuming with many moving parts. Just some of the things to consider:

  • Organising a venue
  • Taking a roll call of guests
  • Managing catering and refreshments
  • Adding in a team building activity everyone will enjoy
  • Audio & visual equipment
  • Tables & chairs
  • Decor and theming
  • Overnight stays

It can feel like the list is never-ending!

This is why it’s often best to work with a professional and experienced team. Event management companies have the time, contacts, and resources to organise everything for your event. Having this kind of network means that they can get the most out of your budget, as well as manage every minuscule detail of your event, leaving you stress-free and ready to enjoy the event!

Why use an event management company?

Working to your budget

Hiring an experienced company will mean access to a whole network of suppliers and venues. Having a list of preferred contacts means that event managers can negotiate the best deals for your event and ensure that you get the most out of your budget. Not only can you save money, but you also save time.

Hiring an event management partner means that you can agree on the date and time, and they take care of the rest! You can choose to have as much or as little involvement as you would like, saving you time and ensuring a stress-free day.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Event managers will deal with a variety of different clients from different backgrounds, which means that they will have fresh ideas and creative solutions for any brief that comes their way.

From format, timing, and space to ensure creative outcomes for every client, as well as considering achievable operations and sticking to your budget. Event managers have tried and tested formulas for all kinds of briefs and have the knowledge and experience to know what will and won’t work for your event brief.

Ultimately having experience will ensure an amazing event and is guaranteed to meet your objectives.

“As soon as an enquiry comes in, we like to have a chat with the client to figure out what exactly they’re looking for, so that we can offer the best service to our customers”

Kieron Bowen – Sales Director

Keeping you safe

There’s a lot of red tape that comes with organising and managing an event. Hiring an event manager means that this burden is lifted from your list of responsibilities.

Typically, event management companies have the experience to manage all aspects of health and safety and will carry out risk assessments to minimise the risk of injury, to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Use the professionals

Working with experts means that you’re tapping into a professional team that does this day in and day out. They will give your brief the time it deserves to be a success, as well as come up with creative solutions to boost your event and make it one for the history books.

Teams in the corporate event industry are experts at planning complex elements and pulling together budgets to ensure success. On the day of your event, they will ensure seamless delivery to ensure a smooth and enjoyable day for all.

On event day, we ensure that you have the right team in place to support your event, as well as the equipment to really enhance the experience of your event. We take the brief that you give us and deliver a bespoke product that is sure to blow your socks off.

Aaron Stone – Operations Manager

Tech solutions

There is often a great range of technology available to support events. This can include:

  • Online invitations
  • Data capture forms
  • Professional websites
  • Tech-driven team building solutions (such as iPad treasure hunts)

Opting to hire an events management company will not only ensure that your event goes off without a hitch, but also means that everyone can have fun without the stress of running the day.

Every corporate event is different, and some are more complex than others. No matter the size, location, or activity – hiring an event manager will ensure that your event is a success.

If you’re looking for an event management company, why not check out Eventurous? We’ve been managing events for a long time and have a highly experienced team.

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