Building a Raft Team Challenge

Splash!  An exhilarating corporate team building event in which teams take to the water in a series of water based challenges and tasks. Spread over a number of lakes at our Midlands venue, or any other suitable venue throughout the UK, the group gets the chance to navigate rafts, building a raft as a team and race the rafts and take part in power boat team challenges.

Building a raft and boat building is a great outdoor activity event for building on a group’s strengths and individual skills and stamina.  The challenge of building a raft can bring people together, working together they build the raft before all taking to the water

Our boat and building a raft  workshop get teams working together in designing and constructing a completely safe and viable racing raft or boat out of no more than sheets of cardboard and tape, or a selection of poles, barrels and ropes! Culminating in the ‘cardboard regatta’ where teams battle it out over a series of team relays and slalom races on the lake or a raft racing regatta.

The raft building teams will each be issued with an identical set of equipment, which includes barrels, ropes, poles and other items that can be used to build a raft. The teams will be offered guidance on the construction, but ultimately it’s up to the team to build the raft ready for the launch and racing!

Our building a raft and boat challenges have the saftey back up of inflatable saftey boats on the water to ensure the participants saftey at all times when on the water, in all this activity is a fantastic hands-on water based team building activity, so meet us at the waters edge and get building a raft!

Splash! Activity options include:

Cardboard Boat Building

Building a Raft Team Challenge

Zap Cat Power Boats

View this video below and we challenge you to build a better boat than these!

Call us on 0846 546 1473 to get on the water or contact us at Eventurous today.