It’s time to return to the carefree days of school sports day activities, with this fantastic trip down memory lane.
Event Benefits:
  • Break down barriers and build rapport
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
  • Create fun memories and improve team morale
Participant No: 20 - 400
Event Duration: up to 2 hours

Re-live the sights, sounds and laughter of school sports day games as your colleagues take on the much loved egg-and-spoon race, skipping race, sack race and others with a modern twist; all to the soundtrack of their youth.

These nostalgic team building events are sure to increase team bonding - just don't forget your kit!


A fantastic way to reward staff, or a fun addition to your corporate event. A company sports day event creates some exciting competition. With our headteacher on hand to ensure everyone behaves and is put through their paces, your company sports day will be sure to boost morale and generate some fantastic memories.

These sports day events will work for variety of group sizes and can be held at convenient locations for you. Great outdoor team building activities for summer - take your team from the office to the sports field!


Sports day activities can include the following and more:

  • Sack race – grab your potato sacks, it’s time to hope your way across the finish line
  • Three-legged race – will you end up tied to the boss? Now’s your chance to shine
  • Skipping race – who will skip like a pro and who will trip like a pro?
  • Big feet race –balanced on a giant pair of feet everyone will enjoy this crazy game
  • Giant egg and giant spoon race – A twist on the much loved classic
  • Hula Hoop race – get involved in our take on the retro hula hoop race
  • Beanbag race – there’s nothing like the humble bean bag to create some hilarious team challenges
  • Space hopper relay – the favourite of the races, we challenge you to not laugh in this hilarious 80’s challenge
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