Crystal Challenge Team Building

Experience The Crystal Clear Challenge! Will it be you and your team within the Crystal Dome when it’s time to start the fans? We hope so!

Get involved with our take on the famous Crystal Challenge team building event!

The Crystal Clear Challenge team building event is one of our most requested outdoor activities, being the perfect blend of fun, skill and competition as team members go head-to-head to be first in the Crystal Dome - start the fans please!

A Mix of Puzzles, Challenges & Skills

A variety of fun and exciting challenges make up our Crystal Clear team building event with options to suit every personality:

Physical Challenges

Teams will take part in a variety of fun, energetic and exciting physical challenges.

cerebral challenges

Communication is essential as teams participate in compelling cerebral activities.

Mystery Challenges

Teams will be tested on a variety of skills as they solve mystery challenges.

The Crystal

The more crystals your team wins the more time you will get in the Crystal Dome.


Prizes and awards are presented to the team that collects the most tokens.


Fun Team Building

Our Crystal Challenge is the perfect combination of fun, energy and competition making it the ideal team building activity for a corporate away day or company event.

What Happens on the Day?

On the day, your guests will be split into teams, moving from challenge to challenge to complete physical, skill, mental and mystery activities. Communication and problem-solving skills are needed by all members of the team to complete the puzzles on time and win the elusive time crystals.

Full Event Management

Our experienced Crystal Clear Master will host and guide each group around the challenges alongside an enjoyable soundtrack to keep energy levels high, as our events team provide support to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

A Winning Team

The team with the most crystals gets to spend longer in the Crystal Clear Dome with the chance to grab the most tokens and claim victory!

Finally, team members celebrate with an awards ceremony where prizes are provided to the winners – the perfect time for that company photo opportunity!

The Crystal Clear challenge makes a great main event as part of your team away day or as a half-day addition following a conference or business presentation; re-igniting enthusiasm and energy.

NB: Activities are not connected with The Crystal Maze or the Banijay Group

Event Benefits:
  • Group size: 10-250
  • Duration: 1.5 - 3 hours
  • Location: UK wide
  • Perfect for team communication and problem solving
Price Range


Take a closer look at the features, benefits and the days' events, so you can confidently look forward to your Crystal Clear Experience

Key Features

You can rely on Eventurous for professional team building events. This activity features:

  • 30+ years experience
  • Fully maintained equipment
  • Full risk assessment
  • £5m public liability insurance
  • Indoor & outdoor version

The Days Events

Want to know what to expect? Have a quick peek at a typical day for the Crystal Clear challenge:

  • Physical, cerebral and skill team challenges
  • Time in our inflatable Crystal Dome
  • Professional host
  • Full PA system and exciting background music
  • Event finale, photos, awards ceremony and prizes

The Takeaways

It doesn't finish when the activity is over. See below for some great benefits:

  • Team bonding as colleagues work together
  • Problem-solving to improve morale
  • Better communication and teamwork
  • Awards and prizes for the winning team
  • Great opportunity for photos and videos
  • Positive company image


A great way to reward your team with an engaging outdoor event, the Crystal Clear team building activity is always a winner, where you are guaranteed some huge smiles, laughter and memories.

View our video for a taster of the fun to come and feel free to share our video with your colleagues!

For more details on this event, speak to one of our friendly event experts on 01827 215200 or click below for a fast quote.


Got a burning question about our Crystal Clear Challenge team building? Then you may just find the answer here...

We travel across the UK for your convenience. We recommend large, flat open grounds for this event (around the size of 2 tennis courts). Hotels with grounds or purpose-built event venues are ideal. We supply a generator for power, so you don't have to worry. Struggling to find a good location? We have a database of contacts across the UK and can provide a free venue finding service.

A little rain can make yourday even more exciting! However, if the forecast is particularly unpleasant, take a look at our indoor crystal challenge event that can be run at suitable venues. We will always discuss contingency plans with you before to ensure we can meet the objectives of the day.

We can provide a quote, however we will require a suitable venue before we can book this event for you. We can make this super easy by taking care of all your venue requirements. Simply tell us the area you prefer to hold the event and we can provide you with some suitable options for your budget and needs.

This activity falls into our medium price range, with each quote created bespoke for you. We are happy to provide you with a written proposal so you can see a breakdown of the costs, incorporating group numbers, duration and event requriements. The pricing we provide is not a price per head, but a fixed rate package cost. This way we can ensure that what we quote, is what you pay.

Need More Information?

For employees sitting in the office all day, there is nothing better than to get out and about with colleagues in the fresh air!


Our Crystal Clear challenge is one of the most requested outdoor team building activities by our clients. Why? Because there is always a great response from colleagues with feedback from the event being extremely positive. Just see for yourself below…

“We had such a great day - all the feedback re: the Crystal Clear Challenge has been extremely positive. I certainly enjoyed it - being on the winning team and all that! And as for the rain ... pah! I have to say what a great team of people you have working for Eventurous - so much enthusiasm and energy - they certainly knew how the get the best out of everyone. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. Absolutely brilliant!”

Having a great mix of challenges allows everyone to take part in a task they enjoy, whether solving puzzles, creating winning strategies or physically jumping around to grab those tokens in the Crystal Dome.

Working together is key to be in the winning team! So this activity is an excellent way to help each person to communicate effectively, to delegate tasks and to motivate some healthy competition.

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What better way to shake away the cobwebs and energise your team than with an outdoor activity in the sunshine and fresh air!

Even if the day should be a bit cloudy or rainy, this activity still works really well to get your team motivated and inspired away from the office environment and restrictions of the conference room.

Tackling new challenges and having fun with colleagues outside the normal office environment, allows employees the chance to strengthen working relationships and develop a renewed sense of camaraderie. Plus it’s proven that getting outside in the fresh air reduces cortisol levels (stress) and improves creativity.

So you can be sure to see the benefits of this great team building activity..

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Don't just take our word for it. Have a look at what our client shave to say:

Our Clients Rate Us 5.0 stars


Everyone Enjoyed Themselves...

Just wanted to say thank you to you and the rest of the team at Eventurous, the feedback from the participants has been great and everyone enjoyed themselves. The inter-regional teamwork we have seen following the event has also been great, especially with the communication between individuals that would not normally have exposure to each other.

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Why Eventurous?
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  • 1000’s of happy clients

'The inter-regional team work we have seen following the event has been great, especially with communication between individuals that would not normally have exposure to each other..'

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