Powerful, highly energetic and undeniably reinvigorating, there is nothing quite like the celebratory drumming of the Samba drumming team building workshop.
Event Benefits:
  • Break down barriers and build rapport
  • Refresh and invigorate your team to boost mental energy
  • Create fun memories and improve team morale
Participant No: 10 - 400
Event Duration: 1 - 2 hours

A truly breath-taking addition to any conference and group size, every team member will enjoy taking part in the Samba drumming workshop where they will synchronise beats on individual drums and instruments; allowing energy and confidence to grow with the explosive sound of rhythm and expression.

Beginning with an introductory session, this corporate team workshop will break the ice and help develop basic musical skills.

Depending on the event format, delegates will then be divided into teams to learn a fun piece of music and techniques.

Finally, all teams will join together to play their pieces in unison for the grand finale, creating an astounding energetic crescendo that will have every single delegate smiling from ear to ear.

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