Indoor Team Building Activities

Indoor Team Building Activities

Movie Making Find out more 1

Film production units each tasked with producing their own mini movie. Each movie making team unit will be given a budget to spend on props, costumes, camera and sound equipment and be given instructional advice in creating scripts, acting techniques and camera operation skills.

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Indoor Crystal Clear Find out more 1

Teams are challenged over a number of tasks including physical agility, skill test, manual dexterity and problem solving. Depending on how well the teams perform they are awarded a number of ‘time crystals’ which allows their team the chance to enter the inflatable dome finale to decide the winning team.

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Picture That! Find out more 1

Teams create their very own comic strip story board with use of their imagination & props! The results are fantastic as teams are presented with their end product displayed in front of the judging panel!

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Create and Paint Find out more 1

The challenge is to set individuals the task of developing and combining their artistic and creative skills throughout their teams to produce a piece of bespoke art work. Intriguingly, teams are not shown the complete finished picture so they must network with all the other teams in order to match up their individual canvases.
Our Create and Paint indoor team building event is a completely versatile corporate conference and team activity that can be run in the venue of your choice anywhere throughout the UK.

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Mexican Railway Ice Breaker Find out more 1

This team building exercise is ideal as an indoor team building event at a conference, it is a superb concept to highlight the key roles of team work, communication, the bigger picture and of course fun.

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Sphero Stadium Build Find out more 1

Introducing the brand new must have gadget, the amazing Sphero Ball! 400 company delegates took part in our brand new high-tech super fun team activity Sphero Stadium Build! Based on an old classic The Great Build but with a new twist teams must work together at first to build a giant race track using mostly cardboard and a few other materials. The pieces of track that the teams build then link together to create the course and the races can begin with the Sphero balls speeding around the track to the cheers of the crowd in the Sphero Grand Prix!

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Cullinary Challenges Find out more 1

Our corporate cookery challenge Ready, Steady, Lets Cook! gives participants the opportunity to learn new skills, develop confidence and to share knowledge and of course sample some new and wonderful food. The challenge is to create a stylishly refined 3 course meal to impress the other competition teams as well as a being assessed on teamwork, creativity and ability, preparation work and presentation skills

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Scaling The Heights Find out more 1

‘Scaling the Heights’ is based around a computer network system in which teams have to solve problems and brain teasers to unlock information on their designated team computer. This indoor team building event is ideal for any amount of participants, and is available at our onsite Midlands venue and at venues all around the UK.

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Success is Sweet Find out more 1

Our corporate culinary Success is Sweet! challenge is for the group, in teams, to create a tasty box of sweets from raw confectionary ingredients and to also produce the lavishly attractive packaging in which the sweets will be presented.

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Team in Top Gear Challenge Find out more 1

‘Team in Top Gear Challenge’. Each has the same chassis, wheel configuration and power source supplied in kit form, teams must then assemble their racing machines aswell as create customised team livery, then its over to the race track where the action begins!

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Dragons Apprentice Find out more 1

An exhilarating cross between famous TV shows ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragons Den’, The Dragons Apprentice is a superb team challenging activity where teams have to produce, create and pitch a product to a panel of judges. The panel can be made up of a team from your company, a set of actors, a panel of business advisers or even an Alan Sugar or Dragons Den lookalike.

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Crime Scene Investigation Find out more 1

Get an insight into the fascinating world of crime and forensics with your very own Crime Scene Investigation. Under the tutelage of former Scotland Yard officers your group become detectives to solve a crime. After the investigation has concluded a winning team will be selected based on team work and investigation prowess!

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Indoor Formula One Challenge Find out more 1

Take part in the Eventurous indoor ‘Formula One Challenge’! Working from a set of construction plans, each Formula 1 team has to rally their collective skills to turn a ‘flat-pack’ style kit of materials into the ultimate cardboard driving machine and at the same time, create human-horsepower aiming for perfect synchronisation, an ultimate team building challenge.

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