Scaling The Heights

Scaling the Heights

Our Scaling the Heights team game has been uniquely designed by Eventurous as a powerful indoor team building tool. During the event a number of teamwork skills are called upon, which participants will have to address and which provide a framework for bringing out the lessons at the end of the session. The main ones involve understanding objectives, organisation, problem solving, quality and time management.

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Scaling the Heights is based around a computer network system in which teams have to solve task sheet problems and brain teasers to unlock information on their designated team computer; the information gains the team points which can be exchanged for different coloured building blocks which can be slotted together to form a tower. Blocks, of random colour, are available but towers must be constructed in one colour only, negotiations amongst teams take place in order to swap or buy their coloured blocks. This is an unexpected aspect of the game, and adds the dimension about clarifying objectives at the start of a project!

Teams have one purpose – but to be successful they will need to be absolutely clear about that purpose. They need to understand the task ahead of them and they need to plan and organise in order to get the task done in the most effective manner. Teams should not allow themselves to rush into action right away but recognise that it is essential to spend time coolly planning their strategy and developing a good working atmosphere. They should also realise the importance of quality by developing –and applying – a quality control system.

In theory, teams see all this as obvious, but in practice most teams do not implement an effective strategy – to achieve the right objective, within the allotted time. Team work really is the key!

Our Scaling the Heights indoor team building event is ideal for any amount of participants, and is available at our onsite Midlands venue and at venues all around the UK.

Eventurous supply all equipment used in our events delivering a high quality corporate indoor team building event.

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