Doing Our Part for the Planet

Doing our part to help protect the environment is getting more important each day and there is an incredible opportunity for businesses to lead the battle against climate change. Even seemingly small steps like using recyclable giveaways at events can make a significant difference. That’s why we at Eventurous have done just that!

Eventurous has made the change to using recyclable pens, recyclable nail file giveaways and switching from plastic milk cartons to glass.

Eventurous has switched from plastic milk cartons to glass

We recognise that some materials are more harmful than others, and when it comes choosing environmentally friendly milk packaging, the choice is clear. Glass wins every day. Unlike plastic cartons, glass bottles can be reused and recycled, and this makes them the perfect choice for any business wanting to be more eco-friendly. Small steps soon start to add up!

Speaking about the switch from plastic milk cartons to glass, Director Joanne Garland said:

“Public awareness about the environmental consequences of plastic waste has grown significantly over the years. I’m proud to say we at Eventurous are reducing our plastic consumption by switching from plastic milk cartons to glass bottles.”

Eventurous Director Joe Garland said:

“We’re committed to reducing plastic waste and we’re taking the appropriate steps to ensure Eventurous is eco-friendly as possible. Plastic pollution threatens our wildlife, damages ecosystems and releases toxic gasses that causes significant damage to our climate. That’s why are continuing to find solutions, like using recyclable pens, to help Eventurous become an environmentally friendly business.”

We also take great care and consideration when disposing our waste, which is why we work with W M Briers Ltd, a local waste management and recycling business to ensure our environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Their guarantee that all non-hazardous waste is recycled means our contribution to landfill is kept to a minimum.

Eventurous has made the change to using recyclable pens

Eventurous Event Manager Kurt Case said:

“Eventurous is setting an outstanding example with its commitment to achieve zero waste landfill. I’m proud to work for a business that continues to make impressive progress on environmental performance and that recognises the importance of minimising waste.”

In 2019 we pledged our commitment to reduce plastics 20% each year for the next five years. This is part of the #20PercentLess campaign, organised by The Meetings Industry Association. More information about the campaign and how Eventurous is supporting the initiative can be found here: