Christmas Corporate Events are BACK and a HoHo lot better!

While it is hard to think about Christmas as early as September, it is the time to start planning your corporate festive event. With a lot of talk of crisis in the world recently, businesses and their employees are working harder than ever, and Christmas can be the one time of year to rest, reset and reflect away from the craziness of the day to day.

Why Corporate Events are Important for the Success of your Business

It is now more important than ever to embrace the festivities and promote positivity and integration among the team, but also to show support for the hardworking people that make your organisation brilliant.  Employee wellbeing and satisfaction can be improved by hosting events such as your annual work Christmas party.

The ONS stated ‘The number of job vacancies from March to May 2022 rose to a new record of 1,300,000. However, the rate of growth in vacancies continued to slow down.” With the growing number of job opportunities together with focus on employee wellbeing, employees are likely to consider a change in role.

Croix estimates that the average cost to replace an employee in the UK in 2022 is £30,614 per vacant position. A cost that most businesses do not wish to absorb in the current climate.  So making the most of showing your employees their value through events like the Christmas party can reap returns long term. Engaged employees outperform their peers, and companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable accordingly to a recent survey conducted by Haiilo.

Planning is Priority

By considering the boost events can bring to your business, make planning a priority – and if you can’t manage the load internally, allow an event management company to do the work for you. We recommend planning your Christmas event throughout September to allow you to secure the best venue for you and to give internal teams something to look forward to as summer comes to an end.

Avoid a Festive Flop from the Off

Whether you have someone internally or an external event agency managing your event – be sure to write a detailed and clear brief beforehand. Include target audience, departments and their characteristics, and choose an activity and venue which caters to the majority.

Bonus tip: Don’t slack on the feedback. If you have insight from previous events, then use it to ensure this one gives you the best return as a business.

Virtual is Vibrant

If you have a team not based in one location and the element of face to face is somewhat tricky, then fear not, virtual is here and it’s here to stay. During the pandemic, event management companies rose to the challenge of specialising in virtual events including engaging cocktail making and games nights. So, you can be reassured you have experts at your service, should you need a digital ‘do’.

Themes Create Dreams

Make your Christmas party one to remember by enhancing the fun with a theme. You could go traditional or think outside the box. The World Cup is being held in winter and with the number of football fans on the rise – both female and male following the recent Lioness’ victory – this may be one to consider when planning your event. Why not take part in some fun indoor team building activities such as our Indoor Crystal Clear game or add in themed questions and challenges on a Christmas iPad treasure hunt. These are ideal options for those working in city centers such as London, who may struggle to access other team building locations.

‘Tis the Season for Team Building

For some organisations, Christmas is the one time of year employees gather for a social, so why not consider a Christmas team building activity? Team building helps departments to integrate and helps break down any potential communication barriers resulting in better cross-functional teams, efficiency and customer service. What’s not to love?

Give the Gift of Recognition

Lastly, when planning your event, no matter what it may entail, remember to slot in time on the agenda to give something back by recognising employees for their work throughout the year. A recent study by bonusly shows ‘84% of highly engaged employees were recognised the last time they went above and beyond at work compared to only 25% of actively disengaged employees.’ Better yet, make your event an award ceremony and celebration.

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