It’s time to get your elite racing team together for the highly competitive and action packed soap box team building activity.
Event Benefits:
  • Improve teamwork to help boost productivity
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
  • Foster better communication skills and develop trust within teams
Participant No: 20- 2000
Event Duration: 2 to 4 hours

Teams work against the clock to assemble the ultimate human-powered car from the flat-pack materials provided, embellishing each car with company messages and brand advertising in this activity that strengthens bonds and enhances communication.

Practice grid starts and add car modifications before the start of the final soap box race, where teams line up on the grid for the eagerly anticipated grand prix.

With exciting background music, hearts pounding and eyes on the final chequered flag, teams will give everything they have to claim pole position and win the company championship!

F1 Team Challenge

Working to a detailed brief, your F1 pit crew will assemble and race their F1 soap box cars in this quick-paced and thrilling team challenge.

Wacky Races

Get creative as teams build fun and fantastic cars to race in their very own company wacky races; with hilarious challenges for a truly memorable experience.

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