Grab the steering wheel and hit that accelerator for some stress-busting, adrenalin-driven challenges with our team building motor sport adventures.

Our off-road selection has exciting options for all abilities so your team can have the ultimate team bonding experience. Impress the boss with a precision ride in our powerturn karts and try not to laugh as your colleagues test their co-ordination in the popular reverse drive mini tractors.

With our highly trained and friendly instructors, everyone can be safely involved for the ultimate motor sport team day.

Why Choose This Event?
  • Break out of the comfort zone to boost confidence and adjust mindsets
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
  • Foster better communication skills and develop trust within teams
Participant No: 20- 120
Event Duration: up to 6 hours
Walker Adams Off Road Karting

Built like a tank but with exceptional handling, every drive in a Walker Adams buggy is a guaranteed thrill.

Quad Biking

Blast across dirt tracks, streams and open fields with ease as you get to grips with the incredible fun of quad biking.

Reverse Steer Tractors

Mini tractors that are built to bamboozle, you’ll love to join the fun of this truly comical driving challenge.

Powerturn 411’s

Capable of a 360 spin, without the need for a steering wheel, you’ll be amazed at how you can control these super-responsive dual seater buggies.

Blind 4x4 Driving

Test your skills with a blindfold drive around an off-road course, as your team members guide you across the finishing line.


Easy to learn and great fun to ride, self-balancing Segways on a trek or course provide an enjoyable experience for every team member.

Grass Track Go-Karts

With unbelievable cornering, even on grass, these high powered go-karts deliver pure excitement for team competitions.

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  • Weapons Training
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