For a day to go down in company history as the best event ever, you can’t go wrong with the hilarious and nostalgic ‘It’s a Knockout’ team building event, based on the popular British TV show.

Teams go head-to-head in a non-stop frenzy of wacky challenges; losing themselves in the fun and mayhem of the Knockout Arena, as they scramble across giant inflatables and unite together in weird and wonderful competitions designed to break down barriers, build relationships and boost morale

With a running commentary and popular party music to create a high-energy atmosphere, It’s a Knockout team building event is as much fun to watch, as it is to take part.

Why Choose This Event?
  • Create fun memories and improve team morale
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
  • Break down barriers and build rapport
Participant No: 24 - 300
Event Duration: 3 hours
The Great Escape

With no time to waste, each team member must throw themselves across the inflatable course, through tubes, over walls and down slopes to succeed in the greatest escape.

Picture Picasso

Battle along our inflatable obstacle course to collect your precious puzzle pieces and be first to reveal the giant picture as the winning team.

King of the Rings

Slopes, foam and giant rings are featured in this test of skill and perseverance as you clamber up the summit to be first to fire your rings on to scoring pods.

Pizza the Action

The race is on as teams scramble to be first to deliver their order of giant pizzas over inflatable grills

The Water Race

This hilarious challenge sees each team battling to collect the most water despite a fiendish twist that leaves the race suspiciously more wet, than wild!

Last Man Standing

A giant inflatable swinging ball stands between you and your victory as your team battles to remain the last ones standing.

Run the Gauntlet

The true test of stamina as you navigate an exhilarating assault course and collect then throw as many balls as possible to gain points with the help of your colleagues

Ski Sunday

Balanced on a giant pair of feet, your team manoeuvre obstacles to reach the finish line. Sounds simple, until you realise not everyone is facing the right direction.

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