A Guide to Outdoor Team Building in 2024

After what feels like the longest winter on record, Spring is finally in the air. This means it is time to plan your outdoor team building away days! Planning outdoor events as early as March can bring a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Best venue availability
  • Competitive prices
  • Plenty of time to organise
  • Pick of your favourite Event Management Company!

Employee productivity and mood are reported to be uplifted considerably when we are exposed to the outdoors. Considering most office-based teams have been estimated to look at a screen for approximately 1,700 hours a year, is it any wonder it feels good to step away? With the focus on employee wellbeing continuing to strive, outdoor team building is no longer a consideration for most businesses but a priority. Statistics from leading team building experts, Eventurous, show that demand for outdoor events increased 50% in 2023 vs 2022.

Where do you begin looking when there are so many options? We’re here to provide you with the ultimate guide to outdoor team building in 2024, using the latest trends and activities.

Green Team Building

We are the only sustainably accredited team building provider, meaning that we operate with the environment in mind at all times. However, suppose you are looking to really impress the boss. In that case, they provide great outdoor team building events that focus on giving back to the community and the environment we are here to help. Our Fairway to Foodbank charity golf activity allows teams to donate to local foodbanks and formats such as our corporate treasure hunts are designed to work on low carbon emissions. 

Team Building Treasure Hunts, Great for city-based teams.

There are many reasons that team building Treasure Hunts remain a most popular outdoor team building event, particularly as part of a wider city-based corporate event. It’s simple to run yet extremely fun and allows employees to explore and work together outdoors.

As we know, finding outdoor venues for team building in large city areas can be difficult, but with a treasure hunt, your team can enjoy the benefits of having fun outdoors no matter which venue you choose to start and finish at.

Team treasure hunts work by briefing teams at your venue of choice, this could be at the hotel where your conference is being held, in your offices or at the hotel where your delegates are staying. Once everyone is briefed, they are equipped with an iPad charged by solar power on site and containing GPS technology, that allows them to hunt down hotspots across the city, taking on spontaneous video and photo challenges and solving puzzles, all in the aim of retrieving the most points before reaching the finish line.

Your team can have refreshments, whilst they prepare for the grand finale, consisting of a presentation of the best and funniest moments of the hunt, before the winners are then announced.

Fun with Fairway to Foodbank

Guy carrying food to foodbank

If you are looking for an outdoor team activity that aligns with your values around giving something back to those who need it most, then Fairway to Foodbank is a great charity outdoor team building option that can contribute to your ESG or CSR policy.

A new twist on charity golf days! Teams are asked to PUTT their creative energy into building their own 3m golf hole that will eventually form part of a whole golf course for the team to go head to head on. But, there’s a twist, your teams will have to get imaginative as they need to build their pro golfing hole from golf accessories such as hoops and ramps alongside non-perishable food stuffs which will be donated to a local foodbank afterwards.

Team Building for the Mind, Body and Soul

Employees doing Yoga outdoors

Taking care of employee health and well-being can consist of anything that enhances the mind, body and soul. We asked our experts in events here at Eventurous what the top well-being activities are for 2024.

Gong Bath Meditation 

One really interesting trend that is taking the wellbeing space by storm is Gong Bath Meditation, and we are seeing more corporate clients request this to be part of their event agenda. Whether it is included as part of a well-being afternoon post-meeting or as part of a corporate festival, it is a great way for employees to refocus, relax and rejuvenate. Leaving them feeling positive and calm. 

Tai Chi or Yoga

Another way to introduce positivity and movement to your conference or meeting agenda is to allow time for delegates to move outdoors for some Tai Chi or Yoga. Tai Chi and Yoga are gentle mind-body exercises that help those involved to focus on their breathing whilst encouraging them to move their bodies. Suitable for all abilities, these are both great outdoor team activities to get your team feeling good and channelling positive energy. 

Classic Favourites for Outdoor Team Building Activities

When it comes to pleasing a crowd, you can’t go wrong with popular classic outdoor team building activities such as the renowned Crystal Clear Challenge and thrillingly creative Soap Box Derby.

Crystal Clear Challenge

Inspired by but in no way affiliated with the popular 90’s TV show, the Crystal Clear Challenge brings high-energy fun and team development. This format works perfectly outdoors and requires teams to get involved in cerebral and mildly active tasks ranging from Snake Pit to Grid Lock.

Teams go head-to-head to work through the challenges in each zone, in the aim of retrieving crystals. The more crystals won, the more time is given to that team to partake in the grand finale in the famous dome. When the winning teams are in the dome, others cheer their team on as they battle it out to get their hands on the most golden tickets possible, despite windy conditions inside the dome.

The winning team is the team who retrieves the most golden tickets. This is a classic favourite, that never fails to create laughter and lasting memories while helping teams work on their problem-solving skills and collaborative working.

Soap Box Derby

Is your team a creative or competitive bunch? Ask them to bring their elite pit crew as they get hands-on to communicate effectively and build their own racing cart! Teams are given points for creativity in this one, as they channel their inner Picasso to create a team identity on their cart, ahead of the big race finale! A highly inclusive activity, the Soap Box Derby has elements for all abilities and promises a day of fun, laughter and team bonding.

Trending TV-Inspired Outdoor Team Building Events

Everyone loves discussing the next best craze on TV with their work colleagues, so why not bring those passions to your team away day? Demand is increasing for hot-off-the-press, trending outdoor team activities that are inspired by the UK’s favourite TV shows. Eventurous have an array of new team building activities that cater for current trends, two recent and popular formats include Squad Games and Gladiator Challenge.

Squad Games

Team playing tug of war

If you watched the popular Netflix show you probably wondered if you’d be any good at red light, green light?

Well wonder no longer as this immersive outdoor team building event allows you and your team to live your own Squad Game experience, but who will survive?

Teams will take on 5 challenges with the aim to win fun money. The team with the most money at the end wins – don’t worry, no one gets eliminated!

Pull your way to victory in tug of war or race your way up the giant inflatable slide to retrieve coins. Show precision and pace against opposing teams in the inflatable obstacle course or work strategically to walk across the “glass” tiles without stepping on a tampered one!

Lastly, show your steadiness and speed in the grand finale game of Red Light, Green Light.

Gladiator Challenge

Players going head to head in gladiator games

Bring your team outdoors in the sunshine for the ultimate team building activity that promises to spark motivation and healthy competitive spirit whilst encouraging strong team bonds. Your group will be split into teams and prepared to go head-to-head to win points in a series of physical games, in the hope of being reigned Champions at the end.

The Gladiator Challenge aim to push participants without being too demanding, so everyone can blow off steam with our gladiator-inspired games. Will your team be the last ones standing in The Gladiator Joust, Hungry Hippos or Bungee Run or will you scramble across our Inflatable Obstacle Course in the best time?

Move quickly and precisely in our Tyre Run whilst your teammates show how fast their reactions are on our Giant Inflatable Reactor Slide.

To discuss your outdoor team building needs, speak to our expert team on 01827 215 200 or visit the contact us page.