5 Reasons To Hold A Corporate Festival in 2024

Corporate events are changing for the better. Gone are the days of death by PowerPoint, bitter coffee and a beige buffet. Whilst these all seemed necessary at the time, businesses understand that this is not the best way to engage, inspire or ignite employees.

Event experts across the UK saw the ‘festivilisation’ of corporate events become a trend just before the pandemic. This term refers to events of a festival style, where further entertainment, experiential elements and theming are offered to create a more memorable occasion.

Not knowing if it was a passing trend or an exciting shift for the corporate events industry, event planners went along with the weird and wonderful requests from their clients. A couple of years on and the trend remains, in fact, Company Festivals and Summer Parties are more popular than ever before. The team at the award-winning Corporate Event Management Company, Eventurous, say festivilisation was been the making of a record-breaking year for them in 2023 and they predict it will be even more so in 2024.

Kieron Bowen, Sales Director at Eventurous says:

“We have offered Corporate Festivals for many years but they started off a slow concept. Once a small number of event organisers stepped outside their comfort zones to embrace a new style of corporate event, it seemed to take off from there. Corporate festivals can be very socially sharable; therefore, word quickly spreads about the benefits of outdoor events like this. This probably explains why we’ve seen enquiries for outdoor team away days, summer parties, corporate festivals and fun days increase by 47% in 2023 vs 22.”

In case you need a little more motivation to book your Corporate Festival. Here are the Top 5 reasons why you should hold a Corporate Festival in 2024.

1. Inclusive Fun

With an increased demand for inclusive corporate events that are suitable for a range of abilities and preferences, outdoor events soared! Corporate Festivals are highly inclusive, they leave room for a multitude of activities, from fete stalls, fairground rides, crafts, live music, garden and inflatable games, street food, country pursuits, petting zoos and more. This guarantees a strong community feel and an experience like no other which all attendees can enjoy equally.

Lady in wheelchair at corporate festival

2. Brilliant for Brand Activation

Branded Company Festivals are extremely popular as the environment makes it so easy to showcase your brand in impressive and eye-catching ways. Branded props at touchpoints around your event such as flags, photo walls and life-size letters can help bring your brand front of mind. Branded merchandise like T-shirts and wristbands help bring everyone together and are a symbol of inclusion and community. Ideal if you are looking to increase brand loyalty and awareness.

Light up letters in field at festival

3. Community & Culture

Holding a Corporate Festival for your employees can be the perfect way to celebrate internal culture, whilst creating content that promotes your brand, values and people. With its interactive and open nature, this style of outdoor corporate event allows people from departments far and wide to connect and build strong bonds at their own comfortable pace. If you are looking for ways to encourage collaboration, incorporate some highly engaging outdoor team building activities such as Country Pursuits or Inflatable Games.

Team enjoying outdoor games

4. Employee Wellbeing & Productivity

With the physical and mental health and well-being of employees now a top priority for us all, outdoor team building and festivals have become highly popular.

Is it any wonder demand has increased when employees are 13% more productive when happy? Studies show that being outdoors helps reduce stress, particularly when in green open spaces.

To maximise these benefits, you can work with venue finding experts to source a space that gives you a mixture of indoor and outdoor facilities in a rural and refreshing location. Tipi venues are a favourite right now as they offer a completely new environment for your team to relax, re-energise and refocus. Tipi venues usually offer a snug area, ideal as a well-being space for popular activities such as Gong Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga.

Employees doing Yoga outdoors

5. Celebrate & Reward

If want to show your appreciation for your hardworking team and retain top talent then you need a celebration like no other! A Corporate Festival will offer you the tools to celebrate and reward in a truly memorable way. Imagine a day into night event with live acts and performances, great-tasting cuisine, positivity and sunshine – what better way to show your team their true value than with an unforgettable experience they’ll ACTUALLY love!

Before getting carried away with the many festivities at your summer event, ensure you make time in your agenda for speeches recognising the team. This will set the tone for a positive day ahead.

Company festival summer party music

To discuss planning your company festival, speak to our event management team on 01827 215 200 or visit the contact us page.