The Top 10 Reasons Businesses are Going Tipi for Events

With lockdown lifting and the return to live corporate events, many companies are keen to get their event schedule back on track. Although virtual events are great for creating strong connections between remote workers, there’s just no replicating the buzz and atmosphere of live, in-person events.

After many months of being locked down and largely confined indoors, the thought of sitting inside a busy conference room is certainly less appealing than it once was!  In search of something different, new and exciting, event planners have discovered a great venue alternative – giant tipis! (aka teepees, big hat tents, yurts etc)

So why is holding a corporate event inside a giant tipi tent so popular right now?

We have the top 10 reasons why event planners are going tipi for business events:

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1. The Ventilation

The design of a tipi venue, with options for open sides, allows the space to be extremely well ventilated. All that fresh air is a reassuring option for those concerned about returning to larger events following pandemic restrictions. A tipi can also be heated if needed, so delegates can stay comfortable, with all the benefits of the outdoors combined with the comfort of indoors.

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2. The Large Open Spaces

Giant tipi venues are just that – Giant! With tall ceilings and wide spaces, there’s plenty of room for social distancing, team building activities, stalls, stages, dance floors and more. Its also a really flexible space, allowing different break out areas to be set up for conferences, exhibitions and meetings.

3. A Stunning and Unusual Venue Option

If you’re looking to make an impact for a conference or event, then holding it at a tipi venue will definitely make the day memorable. A unique option for events, tipi’s hold that mesmerising wow factor, and often come with rustic interiors, firepits and lounge areas that are perfect for more relaxed meetings or post conference networking. (And they’re ideal for insta-worthy photos!)

4. Alfresco Countryside Settings

Due to the size and nature of a tipi structure, tipi venues are often set up in the most stunning outdoor grounds and event fields. This allows delegates to enjoy the benefits of countryside views and a refreshing alfresco setting with options to enjoy BBQs and outdoor drinks in the summer sunshine. An ideal change from the usual hotel conference facilities and an exciting way to celebrate restrictions lifting.

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5. Weather-Proof Solutions

We all know you can’t rely on the unpredictable British weather! Tipis are the perfect way to offer a covered option for outdoor team building activities and events, and can be fully heated to combat cold winds. Open up the sides and bring the outdoors in, making the most of rural settings without having to compromise on comfort. It’s also a shaded space to escape the sun on hot days, without being cut off from the rest of the group.

6. Make it Your Own

Tipis provide a fantastic blank canvas for your event and the freedom to incorporate specific themes, décor and ideas. In contrast to traditional conference facilities with their own style, colour schemes and catering, tipi venues open up a whole new way to throw events. Businesses can create their particular event theme, seating layouts, décor and use different caterers to create compelling and unique events.

7. Staying Local

Another interesting option for tipi hire is being able to choose the venue and grounds where the tipi will be situated. This works well for smaller tipi events and allows the location to be closer to regional offices or near hotels for overnight stays. Of course, additional facilities such as toilets may also need to be hired, but pitching tipi’s on the grounds of your choice will always provide a unique event experience.

8. Engaging Outdoor Activities

Holding business events in a tipi is a great way to mix in some fun entertainment and team building activities that will keep guests engaged and enthusiastic for the whole day. The open sides and large entryways of a tipi create a simple flow that allows easy access between interior and exterior spaces. Many planners start the day off with morning businesses presentations and break out meetings inside the tipi, followed by outdoor activities, street food style dining and fun networking.

9. Never Ending Event Inspiration

Tipi event venues are proving even more popular because they provide the ideal backdrop and combined indoor/outdoor solution to a huge range of events, particularly for large groups. Popular uses include corporate festivals, family fun days, company celebrations, exhibitions and product launches. One tipi can be sectioned into multiple spaces to accommodate stalls, stands and activities. With atmospheric lighting and firepits, you can transition seamlessly into the evening with a stage area for live entertainment and an unrivalled festival atmosphere.

10. Glamping

An accommodation choice that’s become incredibly popular over the past few years, glamping often accompanies tipi events with overnight stays. Adding to the festival-style experience and offering delegates something out-of-the-ordinary, glamping can take the form of luxurious bell tents, yurts and domes, providing an overnight option that’s a significant upgrade on camping!

So as physical events gain traction once again, we are starting to see tipis take the edge as a popular choice for business events. Could a tipi be just what you need for your next event? We can help find the right space and tipi for your needs. Find out more details on our Corporate Tipi Hire web page.