Team In Top Gear Challenge

Team In Top Gear Challenge

‘Team in Top Gear’ Corporate Team Building Event

Teams get building…start your engines…and get ready to race! Witness an explosion of energy and creativity with this dynamic car themed teambuilding event ‘Team in Top Gear’.

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Teams create and assemble our die-cut interlocking concept cars onto which other model car components are fixed including a team designed air rocket propulsion system.  The straighter and truer the course the further the cars will travel, the winning team, of course, being those whose car travels the furthest!

Each of the participating teams will be issued with identical model kits and equipment. With intriguing resources and a deadline to meet, the challenge is for teams to grasp the concept of quality control and time management in order to design, construct and race their model.

A truly exhilarating team event that can be staged during a business meeting, corporate conference, as an event energiser or even during a company dinner.

  • Team Dynamics
  • Project Planning
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Competitive & Challenging
  • Fun and Motivational