Are you ready to take on 007 status in this exciting team activity that promises your team will be shaken, not stirred, into action? Well, maybe a little stirred.
Event Benefits:
  • Improve teamwork to help boost productivity
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
  • Enhance co-operation, problem-solving skills and time management
Participant No: 32-160 (4 to 20 teams)
Event Duration: 2-4 hours

As secret service agents in this spy-themed team challenge, each guest will need to complete a series of spy missions to retrieve stolen gold bitcoinz. Maintaining the suave manner and intelligence of Bond, teams will need to keep their cool as they complete their assigned missions before time runs out.

Using their sharp spy minds and abilities, each person will take part in a series of physical and cerebral challenges, designed to test their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

The team with the most golden bitcoinz will gain the elusive Spyfall trophy and become the spy master champions.

Spy Missions include:

  • Dr Know – Where only the best secret agents can solve the clues and crack the lockbox code to find golden bitcoinz.
  • Licensed to Thrill – Select your weapon of choice and aim for the highest score to retrieve the reward.
  • Die Any Other Day – One of your agents has been murdered. As a team, you must investigate the crime and correctly identify the murderer.
  • Spectre – Time to escape the compound, but can your team make it through the electric fence?
  • Spy Tag – Overcome the opposition using cunning and skill to earn your reward
  • Moonraker – Grab your remote control and manoeuvre a get-away vehicle along an escape route before the time runs out
  • From Prussia with Love (BONUS CHALLENGE) - A locked box has been left by a friendly agent, teams must use equipment and solve sequential puzzles to retrieve the precious items enclosed.
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