Reign of Thrones

Winters can last a lifetime, and so can the memories from this exciting team activity based on the award winning TV show, Game of Thrones; where the struggle for the Iron Throne begins!
Event Benefits:
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
  • Create fun memories and improve team morale
  • Foster better communication skills and develop trust within teams
Participant No: 32-200 (4 to 24 teams)
Event Duration: 2.5hrs to full day

Split into great houses such as Stark, Arryn, Targaryen and Lannister your teams will take on the race to Westeros, where only the warrior teams that are physically agile and mentally strong will prevail.

Working well as a full or half day event, this competitive Reign of Thrones team challenge can accommodate large groups, and possibly the odd dragon (but no volunteering staff members for the role).

With additional options, such as including a full scale Iron Throne, your team members will love taking part in these activities of revenge and triumph, whether they are avid Game of Thrones fans or know nothing [Jon Snow].

Reign of Thrones team building includes:

  • Song of Fire and Ice – Create a boisterous team battle cry for the final challenge
  • Let Loose Arya – Display your archery skills for maximum scores and rewards
  • Fire Across the Narrow Sea - build a trebuchet catapult capable of releasing objects into the target zone 
  • Blades of Glory: Learn to master the skill of axe-throwing like a warrior. 
  • Escape the Frozen North:  Decipher the Dothraki clues to escape from the Frozen North and cross the Lake of Fire to Winterfell to gain your reward. 
  • Vilajerosh of the Nhare: Can your team complete these puzzles before the final race?
  • The Race to Westeros: Dress your leader in themed armour and enter the final Race to Westeros.
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