Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Boldly Go Find out more 1

This outdoor team building event is a series of physical and cerebral team challenges and tasks based around the construction of a fully working team rocket.

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Crystal Clear Find out more 1

The ‘Crystal Challenge’ is set around a number of tasks including physical agility, skill test, manual dexterity and problem solving. Depending on how well teams perform they are awarded ‘time crystals’ which allows them the chance to enter the inflatable dome finale to decide the winning team.

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F1 Challenge Find out more 1

The teams where tasked with designing and building their very own formula one machines from our F1 car kits. Once the cars were scrutineered by our race marshals, teams took to the race track to compete over a number of exciting races including the pit stop challenge!

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Mexican Railway Find out more 1

This team building exercise is an ideal team building event, it is a superb concept to highlight the key roles of team work, communication, the bigger picture and of course fun.

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Raft Build Team Challenge Find out more 1

An exhilarating corporate team building event in which teams take to the water in a series of water based challenges and tasks. Spread over a number of lakes at our Midlands venue, or any other suitable venue throughout the UK, the group gets the chance to navigate rafts, building a raft as a team and race the rafts and take part in power boat team challenges.

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Treasure HuntsFind out more 1

Following their GPS systems the teams locate check points to complete tasks, discover clues at waypoints and take part on scavenger hunts and the bonus team photo shoot. The event culminates in the teams opening their cryptex tubes with the clues and information they have gained along the way to win the treasure!

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Cardboard Boat Build Find out more 1

To build the rafts teams need to retrieve equipment which has been stowed away on Pirates Island. The only kit they have to attempt to get there is a plastic sheet and cardboard! Once retrieved the race is on to build the rafts for the all important Raft Regatta.

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Boot Camp Find out more 1

The Eventurous ‘Boot Camp’ is designed to empower and teach guests primal life and survival skills and to bring out a sense of adventure! The day includes camp gadgets and string making, friction fire lighting, tripwire minefield challenge, hover craft driving, close quarters combat, team obstacle course and paint ball weapons training.

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