The Wall of Wolf Street

Experience the fast-paced world of the trading floor in the ‘Wall of Wolf Street’


Immerse your team in the thrills, risks and strategies of the trading floor in our noisy and exciting stock market team building event, set in the style of The Wolf of Wall Street (minus the absurdities but with all the fun). Work in teams to trade your way to the top, building your empire brick by brick to create your winning wall of wolf street.
Play the Market

Each team member will learn the art of persuasion and refine their negotiation skills as they scramble to buy, sell and play the market, gaining and trading stock-blocks.

With each stock-block, your team can build up their Wall of Wolf Street and earn important penny shares.

With the aim to become the wealthiest wolves on the market, teams must watch the screens for crucial trading moments and deal with unexpected twists.

Cash is King

Accompanied by the perfect 80s soundtrack and led by our skilled events team, this fast-paced and incredibly entertaining indoor team activity is ideal for re-energising staff; working well in breakout sessions for conferences or as part of a motivating team day.

In a world where cash is king and hard work beats talent, will it be your team that will make an infamous name for themselves? Can you build your bank account to look like a phone number? Or will it all come crashing down at the sound of the trading day closing bell?

Event Benefits:
  • Enhance co-operation, problem-solving skills and time management
  • Leadership skills are developed through planning, delegating and organisation
  • Friendly competition ignites ambition and motivation
Participant No: 10-300
Event duration: 1-2 hours
Case Studies

Explore some of our case studies from our valued clients.

Why Eventurous?
  • 30 years’ experience
  • Prompt response time
  • Professional and friendly team
  • Bespoke team building events
  • Conferences, awards and gala dinners
  • Free venue finding service
  • 1000’s of happy clients

'The inter-regional team work we have seen following the event has been great, especially with communication between individuals that would not normally have exposure to each other..'

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