For an incredibly effective icebreaker that works well from just 10 people to hundreds of conference delegates, you can rely on the Mexican Railway team challenge.
Event Benefits:
  • Break down barriers and build rapport
  • Clearly communicate new messages and strategies
  • Foster better communication skills and develop trust within teams
Participant No: 16 -250
Event Duration: 0.5 hours

Everyone must work together to construct a simple railway structure with the objective of successfully transferring a ball from one side of the railway to the other.

Not only is this activity full of fun and laughter to help delegates feel more comfortable, but with useful analogies such as the importance of team work and communication, the Mexican Railway Icebreaker is ideal for reinforcing key themes and messages.

With this icebreaker, the more participants, the better the challenge. Teams can then compete against each other by using a planned strategy, delegating roles and interacting to finish the challenge before the set time runs out.

Held indoors or outdoors, the Mexican Railway Icebreaker is a tried and tested method that enables people to comfortably interact with each other and feel invested in the purpose of your event.

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